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slimmer waistline

1 Best Way To Have Slimmer Waistline: Dinner in a bowl

Everyone wants that slimmer waistline. And the answer is also very simple which we are listening from our elders since childhood, which is so much explained nicely in our physical education books.

First, most important thing is that you must exercise regularly and do something you enjoy. Your best bet is to do a full-body workout to target as much muscle as possible. Cardiovascular exercise and Strength training two or three training sessions a week is sufficient.

But having a good healthy diet is a daily thing. Because your food decides your waist size. So for my slimmer waistline, I have been following this dinner in a bowl from so many years which even I don’t remember now. And that dinner in a bowl is also time specific means “Early Dinner”. We generally sit for dinner at 7 pm.

The type of food and the quantity of food you eat needs to be addressed.

And the pic below is the first thing I follow for a slimmer waistline:” The quantity of food as per the picture”.

Pic courtesy: Google

slimmer waistline

Believe me, I am a foodie and I can’t have a boring meal so I try to make my dinners interesting in my own way. And the outcome is always yummy and I crave for it every day :).

So my dinner is mostly in a big bowl. And I call it a “Dinner in a bowl“.

Idea 1:

Dal + chopped onions + chopped cucumber + chopped tomato + Leftover vegetable (optional) + lemon (for that tangy flavour) + a spoon of curd (again optional just for flavour)

And yes Dinner in a bowl is ready!

slimmer waistline

Idea 2:

Dal + chopped boiled eggs + chopped onions/cucumber/tomato + lemon as per taste

slimmer waistline

Idea 3:

Dal + a big spoon of rice or a small roti in bites (dipped in dal) + a spoon of curd (optional just for flavor) + green coriander mint chutney (optional as per taste).

Oh! it’s mouthwatering :).

slimmer waistline

Idea 4:

If you are non-vegetarian you can put chicken pieces to the dal with whatever different sides are available at home.

slimmer waistline

The best ways to have slimmer waist revolve around food habits and exercise.

Comment below to share your idea of a slimmer waistline! Share with your friends and family if you like the idea of “Dinner in a bowl“.

Slimmer Waistline. Feel Great!

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