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1 Simple Key to Fitness Is Discipline

The first step towards fitness is “Discipline”. It’s very important to hold yourself and to have command over your mind and body. Then it is very easy to create a healthy and productive routine. And once you start seeing the benefits of disciplined life you will start appreciating it. If you do not have control over your body and mind, none of the routines you have planned can be executed ever successfully for a long time or your whole life. So it’s very important to have a solid grip over your mind and body to live a disciplined life. which in turn leads to living longer and live happier.

Be it any profession or for your health benefits, structured lifestyle plays a very important role.

Just a reminder of simple fitness tips for permanent weight loss :

Hydration is the key

Water and fluids are very important and one needs to have them at all the times especially when you working out and throughout the day as well. Water has zero calories and its really important for our health. So one should be mindful of having a good amount of water.


Get adequate sleep

The importance of good night sleep cannot be underestimated. The key to a good workout is getting sufficient rest so that one is fresh and energetic while working out. Make a timetable for a day from waking up to going to bed, and try to strictly follow it. Try to wake up as early as possible, it will give you more time to do and manage your time and appointments. And once you get up early you tend to end up your day early.

So the saying goes perfectly well “Early to bed and early to rise makes you healthy wealthy and wise”.


Eat the right food

Make sure one should eat a balanced diet. There’s no comparison of a home cooked meal with the junk food or with the outside eating.

Eating healthy food, eating healthy promises requires more work to plan — new habits of discipline that aren’t as convenient and entertaining as junk promises. And if we’ve become conditioned to heavily processed, sugary, empty-carb, we may find the taste and texture of true food less enjoyable at first.

But these habit and taste preferences will change as we stick with it and increasingly experience the benefits of home cooked balanced diet. You have sweet tooth go for home cooked sweets, those tasty ladoo’s and halwa, their taste and health benefits are unmatchable.


Stay motivated

Avoid unnecessary things, activities, associations which are disturbing, killing your time and resources and are totally unproductive and dragging you away from your important routine tasks. Make your life revolve around your schedule and follow religiously what you love and you will be the happiest soul.

It is about being fit every day and following your schedule with full dedication and motivation. Never make an excuse for your irregularity. Even when you are mensurating, you should never skip your workout. Do it on any cost. If anyway it is interrupted, make it regular as soon as possible.

Discipline is most important

Overall for anything discipline is very important. For fitness regime, for your food habits, for your sleep patterns, for your all the habits discipline is most important. Plan your day properly and try to stick to your plan. Try to improve 1%everyday. So you can improve 365%after a year. Your commitment to your own growth and things important in your life is the only way to do it successfully, regularly, productively.

So “You are” the only factor to make it happen or the biggest hurdle to your own fitness goal. Have command over your mind and body and follow a set disciplined routine and cooperate yourself to make things done in the way you want it.

You start doing it now and you will never need any detox diet or plan. Life will be happier and healthier!

Share your idea of how disciplined life help you with your fitness mantra !!!!

9 thoughts to “1 Simple Key to Fitness Is Discipline”

  1. Nicely worded,Anupama and so so true….DISCIPLINE & COMMITMENT. Then a good DIET keeps everything in the right perspective…

    Way to go…☺✌🚴🙋🏃👌

    1. No one can tell better on this than you :). Live example !!
      But yes accept that way of life and enjoying that can only fulfill your soul and give you strength to live life like that.

      Not easy these days with so many other entertainment attractions around us. Count us lucky we can prioritize :).

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