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18 Simple And Basic Fashion Tips Every Girl Should Know-Divasdais

Very basic and simple fashion tips while styling for the day, that really doesn’t require a whole new wardrobe. It just requires the simple ways to spice up and rearrange the stuff you have in your wardrobe.

1. Invest in leopard print

Leopard prints are always classy and great to carry in any form on the body. Whether it is via a pair of heels, pair of boots, a belt, or a top, or a smart sassy scarf around your neck it’s a glamorous statement staple that will lift up your ensemble and mood instantly. This is my all-time favorite fashion tips.

fashion tips

2. Jeans fit is very important

Always go a size smaller with jeans because after wearing them for a few hours they will stretch out eventually. Fitted denim can uplift your look like anything. And when you wearing them do some squats while pulling them up and it will hug you like never before.

Always remember to buy jeans with some lycra in it. An ideal pair of jeans will have 95% cotton and 5% lycra. Denim need at least 2% lycra to hold the shape of the garment and give you a nice fit without sagging from the bumps or knees.

3.  Keep rearranging your wardrobe

If you have space on my personal experience I would suggest hanging stuff which not only makes your wardrobe look like it came out of a furniture catalog but also give you a good visual too. Keep shuffling your recently wore tops or dresses from front row to the back row.

While rearranging wardrobe many times you get hands on some old dress which looks like a new to you after months :).

And always organize your clothes going light color to dark from left to right side in your closet. Your eye will follow the color and it will help you stay organized.

4. Buy multiples, if it fits well

Especially in case of jeans or a pant I really believe in this rule if it fits you well buy multiple colors. Because you never know in this fast fashion era that you will get that same fit pant again. You use the same jeans or pant with multiple tops so pants anyways you need to stock on the regular shades which you could wear.

5. Invest in scarves

Bored of wearing plain white or black or gray tops and dresses to work? Toss on a beautifully printed scarf to instantly brighten up your outfit.

6. Use bright accessories

Similarly, another way to brighten up your neutral outfits is by pairing it with bold, colored accessories. Think hot pink heels or a fiery red sling bag. Try adding bright shades to your collection. Transform your simple shirt by adding on bright accessories like sunglasses, a scarf, colorful jewelry or a hat. Try that fun element of a bright colored belt over a plain dress.

Turn ordinary looks into head turners by adding a brighter fun element.

7. It’s worth investing in lingerie bags

It’s really worth investing in mesh lingerie bags if you can’t hand wash your lingerie. Machine wash could really ruin your expensive lingerie. So you can collect them in this bag and wash them along with other clothes to save both time and water.

The hotter the water, the cleaner the clothes concept doesn’t work on lingerie. Let’s remove all the confusion and always use colder water for your delicates.

fashion tips

8. Make use of those single socks

I think everyone has those handfuls of socks in their drawer that have lost the other pair. Those can be used as it is to wear because style or fashion has its own definition and these days we can find differently designed pair of footwear so similarly different socks in both the foot also look cool.

Another use is you can use them as a heating pad! All you have to do is fill the sock with dry beans or rice, heat that socks on the hot tawa or a hot pan for around 30 seconds and places it on areas where you have aches and pains.

Thirdly you can use them as you hand gloves and use them to clean the bathroom platforms or dusting some side tables or washbasins.

9. Let your wet shoes normal dry

Never use a hairdryer to dry your wet shoes. You will end up damaging the quality and the shape of the shoes. It’s always best to let them dry naturally.

10. Try wearing V-necks

Fashion and illusions go hand in hand. The black color is so popular in every type of dresses, skirts, and pants because it helps in creating that illusion of looking thin. Similarly, V-necks make your torso look longer so wear V-neck tees, dresses, and sweaters.

It’s too late to exercise and grow taller, so try this fashion tip. But you must exercise on your torso to shape those love handles.

fashion tips

11. Show an appropriate amount of skin

The key is to focus on one area, don’t go overboard with anything. Be classy yet trendy. If you choose to show off your shoulders or your back, then cover your legs. If it is your legs that you want to flaunt, then cover up on top. Showing off an appropriate amount of skin is classy :).

fashion tips

12. Invest in hoop earrings

Remember our grandmother’s used to sport those “chaand balis” ( hoop earrings). So that classic trend is back. They really change your look instantly. To do hoop earrings right, choose a pair according to the shape of your face. Go for larger, round or embellished ones or oval-shaped or opt for elongated or drop styles whichever suits on your face.

fashion tips

13. Invest in ear studs

Nothing in mind on how to accessorize on some days than there’s nobody in this world who can go wrong with stud earrings. You can wear it with any outfit you want and also for any occasion and they will always look appropriate. So when in doubt, put on studs.

14. Fashion is ageless

As we always say, age is just a number. Similarly, fashion is also ageless. If you think you’re confident enough and can thoroughly rock that outfit you saw a college-going girl wearing, you should absolutely go for it. Always keep in mind the key factor “wear what suits your shape”. Prepare a look book for your ageless fashion and keep looking back to those pictures for self-love and positivity :).

15. Be a diva when you travel

Being a fashionista is an image which we could be easily carried if you just think smart. When traveling we look for comfort but not at the cost of looking like you’re heading to the gym. So you can smartly pair up your sneakers with soft denim. Your beaded flats to go with linen pants and easy flowing dresses. Be a diva whereever you go.

16. Pair tight with loose

Wearing top-to-bottom loose fitting clothes or tight-fitting styles all at once doesn’t work well for everybody. Celebrities with zero figures could pull these looks very well. But for a girl next door types these looks might not work. The trick is to balance the two smartly. For example, wear a backless top and leggings or skinny jeans to balance the proportions and vice versa. With those flowy skirts, you can wear a top which gives nice shape on your torso.

fashion tips

17. Zest up your Little Black Dress

Your plain black dress is a perfect canvas to work with. Try on bright colored shoes and bags, your chic jewelry, dressy jackets, etc. to jazz it up.

18. Ideal pencil skirt

Whatever trend you try, make sure it flatters you and suits your body type. And top of everything you know how to carry that style. In the case of a pencil skirt, the perfect one will hit just at the top of your knee. The longer the skirt, the shorter your legs will look. But its completely your choice how you want to carry that length.

You have fashion tips to share drop a message in the comment section below.






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