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healthy snacks

2 Healthy Snack Ideas From The Leftovers

Leftovers can be a wonderful way to save time and energy in the kitchen by using food that you’ve already prepared to get quick and healthy snacks for the kids and family. And these are a really good habit to make the most of your leftovers and minimize food loss.

” Leftover ka makeover”: Two healthy snacks ideas by Reet Parihar.

Snack one:

Today made Ghee out of malai. And used the residue of ghee for making #Modak.

Ghee ka ghee… Residue ke Modak..  
Leftover ka Makeover as delicious healthy modaks.
Even you can consider it her #SnackOfTheDay. As it contained very less amount of fat. 


Residue from ghee (khoya)

Approximately 1/2 cup milk
Approximately 2 tbsp sugar
1 tsp elachi powder
1 tsp chopped nuts


Put ghee residue in the pan and stir it for some time.

Add little milk while continuously stirring it.
Keep stirring till it forms a thick consistency.
Add sugar as per taste.
When the residue is almost thick and leaves the sides of kadhai, add elachi powder, nuts and transfer the residue/khoya to a greased thali (flat pan).
Cut into desired shapes to make burfi or else you can make Laddu or modak as she did.

healthy snacks

healthy snacks healthy snacks

healthy snacks

Snack two:

Another Leftover ka makeover from her archives is “rotipaare”. Usually, we give away our leftover chapatis at home. But for Reet and many other Divas, I am sure its an opportunity to try some experiments in the kitchen with those leftover chapatis. You can make leftover roti ke “gur wale roti pare” .

For that you need…… Ingredients :

2 roti
1table spoon desi ghee
Pinch of saunf or ajwain

Gur/jaggery 2 spoon (can be much or less according to taste)


Cut chapati in small pieces.

Heat ghee in a pan.

Add saunf/ajwain.

Immediately add gur/jaggery.

Mix well.

After few seconds add chapati pieces.

Mix very well on low flame..

Your “rotipaare” is done.

Serve with or without tea.


Note.. Pic is not as good as the taste was 


Image courtesy: Reet Parihar

Recipe: Reet Parihar

Written and Edited: Anupama Kharangarh

Do you have other tricks or recipes for leftovers?

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