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2 Ways to be Happily Healthy

Self-development or self-awareness doesn’t come easily to every one of us. Here, I am talking about self-awareness about going strong on our health goals. One day we do it and the next day we see all the reasons to skip it. We just pass on an excuse which is the easiest thing to do. We get to see so many inspirational quotes and messages floating on the internet throughout the day. But then also we don’t make it last as our lifestyle change and do something for our good health regularly.

So whats that which will boost your morale on the daily basis.

1- I would say ” It comes from within“. And then we look around and feel inspired by the people around us to follow the path of happily healthy. Slowly it becomes our habit and we cannot skip it like we cannot skip a meal.

Sounds Simple!!

Let me tell you a story of a girl who actually applied it, set her own goals and achieved them and now have set new goals for herself .…

It’s story time!  😉

(PS: Being a mom storytelling is in my blood now, can’t help…. 🙂 )

Yes, it’s about you Indu …

I know this girl for quite a few years but whatever small amount of time we meet sometimes we don’t get to know the strength part of someone, the passion part of someone, new found love of someone.


We talk about our kids, our maids, we talk about school, studies and tiffin boxes. We really forget to talk about ourselves. So during one such meet, I got to know that she can do a headstand and she got that inspiration from someone she knows. She was never fat, even after a kid she was little on a chubbier side but never overweight. So that ignite comes from within to do something extraordinary which could be ordinary for someone.

She started her journey of being fit and healthy by walking daily after dropping her kid to school. Walking gave her a new vision. She started enjoying that sweat and fresh feeling after a nice brisk walk in the sun. Disciplined life schedule gave her the strength and motivation to do more. Slowly her pace increased and she started running. Concentrate only on the mouthful in front of you, and all your anxiety, fear and overwhelm about the rest will gradually blur. All she had to do was choose something and focus. So next she chooses to learn headstand on her own and she is successful in doing that. Hard work and focus surely pay. Next on her platter is handstand and I am sure she will be doing that super soon.


In the end, it makes her a more happy person and she can be an inspiration for others around us.

Everyone has an adventurous side. She found hers. What does yours look like?

2- Look out for the “Inspiration around yourself ” and you will find many beautiful inspirational stories around you.

Challenge yourself throughout the day to focus solely on the small single step you’re actually taking.

Honestly, that’s all life is—little, positive moves that you take moment by moment, and then one day when you look back it all adds up to something beneficial—something that’s often far better, and different, than what you had imagined when you started. Such positive moves add up to your physical and mental strength.

Taking care of your body is crucial to being the happiest person you can be. It’s important to balance a different kind of energies in a human body. If you don’t have your physical energy in good shape, then your mental energy, your emotional energy (your feelings and thoughts) will all be negatively affected.

Keep looking for inspiration around you and Keep inspiring others.



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