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dress classy

3 Basic Ways To Dress Classy

There’s no trend to dress classy. You just be the best version of yourself and set your own trend. Just add elegance to your style and you can create a timeless outfit.

“Get up and dress up”


Personal style is something that every one of us has, we simply need to recognize it, comprehend it, and afterward live it. It anticipates your state of mind, identity and you in general. Its a mirroring of your own soul and your way of life.

When you locate your own style you know you look awesome. That feeling of confidence is certain when you leave your home. Regardless of whether you incline toward salwar- kameez, saree, skirt or any western wear you can make your style look tasteful and classy when the event calls for it.

How about we see what it takes to lift your style to a more classy level…

Here are 3 basic ingredients to look rich and classy:-


Pick the classy fabric. Silk, linen, wool, and cotton are some of the classiest fabrics. Always wear clean clothes, freshly pressed with no threads, rips, stains or fading. Wear well-fitted clothes that look tailored to your size. For classy look try to wear solid colors. Wear more tonal colors like black and white, greys and greens.

Dressing can be on any kinds may be ethnic or western wear or into western. It’s you, who has to take a call and decide on your classiness.

dress classy

dress classy

dress classy

Outfits by: Quince Casual

* More classy wear coming soon 🙂


With regards to looking classy, extras can have a significant effect. Jewelry, watches, and belts can help tie together classy outfits while spicing up your wardrobe.

Accessories with a purse in a solid color with no embellishment, and sharp, solid edges. This style appears high-end and classy.

Shoes also play a big role when one wants to look classy. Oxfords, pumps, ballet flats, and boots are all great choices.

But always keep in mind three most important words: Less is more.


After dressing up right you just need to put on some makeup. Fortunately many times you don’t have to wear a face full of makeup to look classy. All you require is a touch of lipstick and your must-have kajal.

But yes I love me when some makeup is done. From falsies to smokey eyes, getting dolled up can make me feel relentless and super confident. So for that, I know a super awesome makeup artist who can give me different looks based on the occasion I have to go for. In addition, she gives basic makeup classes for the people like me who have very fewer skills in the segment but love to get that no-makeup makeup look.

Few looks which she gave me –

dress classy

dress classy

To know more about her you can click here Rashmi Gandhi Makeovers 

So, Divas, let’s make sure that you develop your own fashion style and make your own posh statement. And always carry your aura of sophistication around you.

For any help and suggestions, your Divasdais is always there.

Would you like to share your idea of dressing classy !!

Please drop a comment below to tell about your different choices.


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