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3 Food Types One Must Eat Post Workout

I am a regular workout kind of girl. Generally, here and there I face this question from co-gymers what one should eat pre-workout and post workout.

There are no fancy names I am going to take. I am just going to talk about the daily food you must have been eating during your growing up years. The post-exercise breakfast doesn’t need to be complicated nor does it require costly shakes or hard to find items. The most vital piece of eating right is arranging and planning up for your breakfast. Your body will value a breakfast plate prepared fresh and enjoyed with peace.

Costly commercial recovery foods like protein powder can be purchased and some people opt for this convenience. However, I would personally always suggest you go for home cooked food. And it should be a good combination of carbohydrates, protein, and healthy fats.

You follow healthy eating habits and you will be rewarded with weight loss automatically.

So your diet must include carbohydrates, protein, and healthy fats post-workout to restore your energy, build muscle, and boost your metabolism.

Carbohydrates, Protein, and Healthy Fats 

A balanced meal within an hour of exercise is perfect raw material for your muscles for recovering.

Your body prefers to use carbohydrates as fuel, so in your post workout meal replenish them. Include plenty of complex carbohydrates options during your breakfast.

Exercise triggers the breakdown of muscle protein so one must eat to repair and rebuild these proteins. So eat your eggs and dairy products every day along with your nuts which are high in micronutrients, fats, and protein.

Having some fat in your post workout meal is also very beneficial. So eat your butter, ghee, peanut butter, almond butter in your post workout meals. Personally, I keep it simple by eating ghee rather than other processed kinds of butter and all.


post workout


Your daily food intake should be divided into three main meals. The food quantity that you are going to eat depends on several factors, including your age, gender, health, exercise or activity level, and the major one is on the amount of weight you need to lose.

Hydration is always important. Keep sipping water throughout your workout.

And you can follow the post-workout routine only when you are disciplined about your workout regime.

Consider this Sample Diet as a guideline, as it can be modified to suit your needs.

Sample Diet for the day:

  • Early Morning: A glass of lukewarm water(without brushing teeth), followed by a seasonal fruit after 15-20mins of water.
  • Breakfast: One cup of skimmed milk/tea, boiled eggs, 1-2 filled paratha or roti or poha or dosa or idli -sambhar or upma.
  • Mid-morning Snack: Any seasonal fruit (guava, grapes, pear, papayas, peaches, strawberries, watermelon, etc.)
  • Lunch: A bowl of salad, curd, green chutney, vegetable, dal,1-2 roti /rice.
  • Evening: Coffee/tea/black coffee/green tea, or fruit or nuts or peanuts or channa or makhana.
  • Dinner: 1 chapatti and dal (dinners keep it simple and early).
While you are intrigued by the lean and slim looks of celebrities, you will be flabbergasted to realize that a large portion of them pursue a low carb diet schedule and follow early dinners.
Eat Smart 🙂 !!
Share your idea of eating smart …..

Disclaimer: The author of this article is not a medical or health professional. The purpose of this blog is informative and to share a personal experience – not to give health or medical advice. You should always do your own research when it comes to your health.

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