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3 Simple Tips To Help You Boost Productivity


Hello Readers, wish you all a very Happy and Happening New Year! Let’s ring in the year 2019 with some tips to boost our productivity. A new year usually brings with it fresh excitement and motivation, and it’s normal to be teeming with plans and ideas. Deciding on the goals and resolutions you want to set for the year ahead is just the first step; achieving your targets is a whole other ball game, which is possible only if we overcome our own personal roadblocks and accept this as our whole body detoxing.

Most of us, at some time or other, have come across self-help articles on boosting productivity on the internet. Most of us have even read them with more than a passing interest. I feel that this is because, no matter how much we might feel that we have our lives and routines figured out, there’s always scope for picking up some new ideas.

Productivity is the sum of the efficiency, speed, and accuracy with which we finish a task at hand. And it depends upon how disciplined you are to follow these three contents of productivity. It is an all-encompassing aspect of our daily lives because it matters not what your chosen task is; all that matters is how well you accomplish it. So in today’s article, we will discuss some out-of-the-box but easy to follow methods to enhance your productivity in not only your New Year resolutions but also your day to day life.

The Where, When and How of It

Enhancing productivity in completing a task is hugely dependent on the task itself. We often make the error of trying to get to all our goals in the same way. Effective completion is a result of understanding what kind of effort or environment that your task requires. You need to deal with distinct jobs using different, well-thought-out approaches, to get the maximum productivity. The important factors to ascertain are choosing a favorable location, an appropriate time of day, and lastly, the way to best approach the mission at hand.

For example, if you are starting a new exercise regime, try techniques such as picking a workout buddy, ridding your home of unhealthy snacks,organize and participate in society level sports events and utilizing the time of dawn; whereas, if your goal is to learn how to paint or play an instrument, it will help to do it in a creatively conducive environment with no distractions, at a time when you feel least stressed.


Expectations and Overreaching

More often than not, the reason most resolutions/goals crash and burn within the first few weeks of their conception is the fact that we cease to be realistic. We aim high and usually start off with great momentum, but if the progress doesn’t meet expectations, we begin to lose steam. On the other hand, doubting yourself too much will not allow you to take off the ground at all. The real struggle is to find that fine balance between over and underestimating your ability in achieving your goals.

The way to deal with the stunting effects of overreaching is to prepare a practical plan of progress. Find workarounds to suit your limitations so that they don’t trip you up right at the point of success. Please remember that it’s as important to maintain your drive as is to manage your expectations.


Break and Make

One of the most important factors that promote productivity is an incentive. The thought of a well-earned reward at the end of a long grueling road is the fuel that keeps the fire of determination burning.

Since incentive is such a good motivator, it should be used as an intermediate booster too. Plan your breaks as meticulously as you plan your work. Decide on a rewarding break system that pushes you to work hard during your active period. The incentive should be such that it doesn’t spoil your progress but rather help further it. For example, do not reward yourself with food if you are on a weight loss goal! Keep your breaks short so that you feel refreshed but they don’t mess with your momentum. 🙂


There you go folks, our short homily on how you can hit the mark this year with your enhanced productivity. We hope that you achieve all your goals and complete all your resolutions so that you can aim even higher next year!

If you have any special tips of your own, please share them with us in the comments section.

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