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5 Major benefits of exercise during periods

I got to hear it very often in the gym:” I am not working out today as I am having my periods.”

But trust me, it’s totally worth to get yourself off the sofa and keep moving on your schedule while you’re menstruating. Let’s first learn about the benefits of exercise during periods and bust some myths also.

Busting The Myth:

  • As I always say, working out releases happy hormones which are more required during these days as you already feeling low and many times face bad mood swings. Working out actually helps you in overcoming such low feelings and makes you happy :).
  • Cramps and bloating are normal features of menstruation. Don’t let them stop you from your routine.
  • Working out and blood loss has no connection. So don’t give up on your working out schedule because of your period.
  • Moderation is important to keep in mind during this time of the month. Listen to your body and switch to easier workouts like simple running, obliques/floor exercises, some yoga followed by nice stretches rather than indulging in your regular heavy workouts.
  • However, I agree periods could bring little discomfort and overexerting in any situation is not a good idea. The purpose here is to feel good and be happy.

My Main 5 Reasons To Never Miss My Workout Even During Periods:

All the above-mentioned myths are actually my main reasons to do exercise during periods. Let’s talk about each in detail to know more about the benefits of exercise during periods:

1-Elevates Your Mood:

It’s really basic to encounter these mood swings due to periods. But we should not give up. Get your body moving and let those happy hormones released.

“When you work out, your body releases endorphins(happy hormones). These endorphins associated with the receptors in your cerebrum that diminish your view of pain and agony. Endorphins additionally trigger a positive inclination in the body, like that of morphine”

As I have mentioned in my blogs in the past also that exercise helps in maintaining good mental peace and helps in fighting depression. So why not use this same tool for fighting your period-blues :).Along with mood, other benefits of exercise during periods are it helps to control cramps, headache, or back pain associated with your period.

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2-Helps In Fighting Painful Periods:

Instead of treating mensurate pains with tablets, I would suggest head out for a jog. Exercise causes the body to sweat, which helps reduce any belly bloating. After sweat, you tend to replenish your lost fluids which is a great help during periods. Exercise not only helps you in fighting the painful periods but also help your menstrual cycle get back on track. Live an active lifestyle with a healthy diet and you will never face any such period issues.

3-Beats Fatigue:

The first few minutes will be hard and you tend to give up, but once you get started you will enjoy it and it will strengthen blood circulation and activate your heart muscles. After your workout session, you will feel more energetic than before and it will help you beat the tiredness and laziness. But make sure that you balance the exercise with also giving your body time to rest well. Don’t overexert yourself.

4-Better Sleeps For Trouble Sleepers During Periods:

Pain and discomfort during this time could really take a toll on your peaceful sleep. Sometimes it’s really difficult to just close eyes and sleep. And when you have kids around and complete family routine going on with those mood swings, you really feel very low and indifferent.

So best would be pre-plan your evening which should have a good long run or walk on your platter. Some light exercises followed by a good stretch will be of great help. The drop in body temperature because of exercise helps in creating sleepy feelings and also relax tense muscles and lift menstrual migraines.

5-Experience More Strength And Power:

One of the major benefits of doing exercise during periods is that you experience greater gains in strength and power due to low levels of other hormones during this time. If you really feel good and energetic go for big lifts and great cardio because your fatigue levels are low and your pain tolerance level is higher which results in higher estrogen.

Go Girl Go! Time to build more muscles!


Safest and easy to do workout during this time would be: your light cardio runs, evening walks, climbing stairs, some basic floor exercises or few abs followed by nice breathing exercise and stretches.


So be regular in exercise it really is beneficial for your body and your mind. There’s no scientific reason you should skip out on your regular workouts during your period.

Continue with your exercise routine, but you can back off on the intensity if you’re feeling fatigued or tired. Vary your workouts, take some extra time to recover if you want to.


Disclaimer: The author of this article is not a medical or health professional. The purpose of this blog is informative and to share a personal experience – not to give health or medical advice. You should always do your own research when it comes to your health.




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