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5 Reasons Traveling is the best thing I can do with my young kids.

I would really like to think that traveling and constant exposure to the outdoors have played an amazing role in my young kids to express themselves in a much better way. I really see them talking about the things that we see around and it encourages them to speak out. They really talk about what excites them(like where we’ve been or where we’re going) and gets to widen their vocabulary and speech in the process, too. It gives them exposure to different life skills.

It makes them creative:

While traveling, you pull yourself out of your comfort zone. You tend to force yourself into situations you wouldn’t usually experience and this will help you to put into some creative thinking. This will help kids in finding ways to handle different situations in life. On the travel, kids get to meet and interact with people from different backgrounds from all age groups. Trust me, traveling will make kids more social and creative too. They would really like to picture their stories from the travel, sometimes they would love to color things the way they have seen from their travel days so different ideas keep on popping in ltheir little minds because of the travel exposure and experience. In turn its helpful to keep them away from the gadget world.


It toughens them up emotionally and mentally and teaches them to be more adaptable:

Going and living away from the comfort zone of your house where you feel excited and nervous at the same time can make them emotionally and mentally strong and adaptable. Travel plans rarely go smoothly and spontaneity is often required both from parents side and from kids side too. That’s why traveling helps kids get out of the structure and routine, making them more adaptable to the spontaneous plans and the surroundings.

It teaches them to be patient:

“When will we reach?” This is the first question we get to hear as soon as we leave the house for the long outing which is later followed by different journey tantrums. We at home really discuss many times, “Is this all really worth it, despite all the trouble?” When it comes to taking your youngsters along on trips, the appropriate response is “totally.”

Children are normally inquisitive souls. They can get extremely bad tempered when caught in their seats for extended periods at once. Obviously, traveling teaches them to wait out a little.

It’s a better learning experience to know more about history, geography, architecture, language, and different cultures.

Outings can turn out to be all the more energizing for kids when they begin getting involved. Where is our next destination on the map? While traveling point out to different signs on roads, landscapes, rivers following through the city etc. What an astonishing building – would we be able to look into who planned it or why it was built?

Give them the map and the different route details and be interactive with them while reaching the destination. And you will see the difference that next day they can zero down the place on the map where you want to go and even can find out a walking route or a train or tram route by studying the map.

When you visit a new culture you get to experience how other people live and you learn about their lifestyles. Their observation at a young age can make them more adaptive towards others.

Travelling brings them close to nature and it’s good for their physical and mental health:

Every time we go to a new place, our younger one could not stop mentioning it back at home months after the trip. Our friends and family really find it amusing. He keeps on writing stories based on his visited places. At bedtime, he surely mentions one or the other incidence from his travel memory.

Most of the things are easily taken for granted in the fast-paced life in the cities. Since we are traveling we get to see a different kind of flowers, some amazing flying creatures and many other gifts of nature. We are away from the daily schedule so we get to see the nature more closely. Indeed, traveling is a great way to introduce them to Mother Nature’s beautiful creations and masterpieces. In turn, it leads to great, physical and mental health.

Share your reasons why you chose to travel with young kids!!!

Apart from entertainment whats your motive behind the travel ……

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