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6 Easy Ways To Beat The Exam Stress : Mom’s Stress Management Guide For Their Kids

Exam season is here and its natural for kids and parents to feel pressure.

I agree little stress is motivational as it brings seriousness towards the studies but once that pressure goes into anxiety it could further lead to nervousness which can really hamper kids performance.

Here’s how one can simply beat the stress with simple stress management guide and one can easily overpower anxious moments during exam time.

Guide kids to make a study plan :

Planning and discipline make everything easier. Put your kids to a habit of making their plan of the day from a very early age. Ask them their choices what all they want to do in a day on weekend. And ask them only to chalk out their plan. Even if exams are nearing, it’s never too late to make a study plan. Once you study according to your plan and you get to do everything on time you feel motivated and life becomes easier and stress-free.

Majorly lack of preparation and planning leads to the low motivational level for youngsters.

Keep motivating them!!

Follow a sleep pattern :

Having a good night sleep is very important for good concentration and focus. Avoid encouraging kids for up till late at night in the wee hours. It can really hamper the functioning during the day and in long run, it can lead to hormonal imbalance, loss of appetite and of course it hinders the immunity also.

Make them aware about the importance of sleep early and get up early. When they make a study plan for themselves ask them to extend that plan to a day plan where sleep is also a very important ingredient.

Prepare light meals at home:

This is the mantra for a healthy lifestyle in a way also. Prepare light meals at home and eat more often if hungry rather than one big meal. But during exams, one should really avoid eating spicy, large meals and junk food so that stomach is acting well and not giving food troubles which can actually take away your energy.


Eat a good wholesome breakfast. Have a lot of fruits and vegetables and keep a check on the water intake for kids. Because sometimes kids just don’t take water intake seriously and start feeling dehydrated and we take it as if kids are feeling anxious.

Hydration is as important as food and sleep. Keep a watch !!

Don’t cut down on outdoor time :

Let kids go out to play or meet their friends. Friends are the best therapy for everything in life. Be it stress or fun we always look forward to friends. So even on an exam day if kids want to step out for a game or to meet a friend, please let them go ahead and you will see the return kid will be more energetic and motivated for studying.


Let them follow their passion for any outdoor sports or activity even in higher standards too. It will help them in maintaining good health also.

Parents should also keep talking to their kids as friends and keep motivating. This will definitely help them in stress management when they have their elders supporting them and guiding them.

Cut down on distractions :

Stress management is simple but with advanced technology, it also looks very vast. For youngsters or any age group kid because of technology boost, they are surrounded by a lot of distractions. Youngsters these days spending a lot of time on social media platforms and youtube which leads to wasting a lot of time.

Start keeping a tab on their media time from the preparatory holidays only. So that they get to spend minimum time on devices and then later on not having stress during the exam day.

De-stress with music :

It’s better to de-stress with music rather than social media. Suggest this music therapy to kids. Listening to music can elevate and bring freshness to their mood. It can really encourage the kids to study more after a recharge session of music. If kids are feeling stressed or anxious ask them to listen to some soothing music of their choice. It will really help in calming their frayed nerves.

You have more ideas for youngsters to de-stress please do share in the comment below.

You have kids in your surrounding, please do share these tips with their moms.

Your one share can help many kids!!


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    1. Thanks, Abhishek! Yes, I agree to give that scheduled outdoor time could bring back that energetic kid who is more motivated and focused to study for next one-hour :).

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