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6 Reasons To Go On A Cycling Holiday With Family

What more one can ask for than traveling to somewhere new and exploring it on two wheels. I was incredibly lucky to cycle around in Mount Abu (a beautiful hill station) -just amazing! This particular cycling holiday was special because the local mode of transport was my bike and foot. It was glorious in its own way!

There is so much to love about cycling adventure but here are my favorite six reasons to go on a cycling holiday!

Fitness and Fun together:

Eat, enjoy and return home fitter not fatter!

Most of us must be doing the conventional way of holidays by over-eating, drinking and lazing by the pool. A cycling holiday with children is also a great way to have a family vacation. Cycling makes you burn calories and improve your cardiovascular and strong wellbeing. You’ll return home fitter than when you left! And the best part would be you’ll have burned off so many calories without even realizing it because of your mode of transport. Eat guilt free and happily healthy!

Being outdoors and feel that fresh air for your holidays is invigorating. You’ll all sleep much better on holiday and return home rejuvenated and full of the joys of outdoors life.

Adventure in itself:

I can guarantee you’ll not only have had a wonderful time exploring nature along with the local food.

And especially when you have three energetic boys in your life than adventure holidays are the ones we look forward to with open arms. Adventure fills your soul with mental peace which is very important for your overall physical well being.

cycling holiday

Cycling holiday gets you closer to nature and culture. It leaves an amazing impression on your heart and creates many lasting memories. And you can always call these holiday meals as healthy cheat meals as you are burning them, then and there.

cycling holiday


Explore the off-beaten track:

A cycle can go to the places where a car or any other vehicle can’t go. So those off beaten tracks, quiet back roads,traffic-free cycling paths such as paths alongside the valley or a river are a great attraction when you are on a cycling holiday.

cycling holiday

Something new, something different:

It’s really a different experience than regular normal holidays. Without doing it once I couldn’t tell how one is transformed after such a holiday. But yes for us a family it was a different experience where we were less of a guest and more of a local people. And we have seen whenever we pass by bicycle we were asked where we have originated from, where we are going and how much we have cycled. It’s everything part of the experience of holidaying by bike and we thoroughly enjoyed it.

cycling holiday

Best of the views:

While riding a bike, you’ll see the countryside, nature, scenic views and wildlife in an amazingly up-close-and-personal view. You can just stop near a mountain base, climb the mountain and come back again and start riding. It is an excellent way for curious kids and adults to do such exploration rides. A different perspective, a different window to nature :).

A cycling holiday for families also allows for lots of time off the bike to investigate local markets, wildlife, and different attractions.

cycling holiday

cycling holiday

Do it at your own pace:

Cycle gives you the perfect speed to explore the nearby areas around you. It’s just you, your cycle and the great outdoors…all to be enjoyed at your very own pace.

You can easily divide responsibility among yourselves who will carry what and how. Found a beautiful valley view, stop, spread your foldable chairs and sit down to catch on your breath while enjoying the view. While enjoying the view talk to kids hows their experience about such a cycling holiday and keep motivating them to be part of such outdoor different experience holidays.

cycling holiday

Even kids should get their part of responsibilities.

cycling holiday

It’s a simple life; you just take your essentials. It’s not a glamorous holiday. The cycling holidays are about being part of nature and the outdoors. There’s simply no need for a case full of stuff! And that’s really quite liberating in itself!

So, Mount Abu was my cycling holiday adventure…where will you choose?

Are you new to cycling holidays? I can guide you in planning one such holiday and then experience yourself…Drop a comment below to know more about the experience.

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