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8 Very Positive Social Impact With Sports Event In Residential Societies

Nice weather, beautiful Sunday morning. Instead of lying lazily in bed for long hours, it was good to get up for the sports event happening in society.

What do you think? Given a choice to you would choose to be sporty or to be sleepy on a Sunday morning …

I choose to be sporty and sweaty positively.

And I have my own reasons for it…I am putting few of them down here and you are most welcome to add few more to them:-


Today’s grueling work culture and technology-driven existence pose enormous risks to urban citizens, who are compelled to choose between health and work. The major concern among metro city people these days is that they often experience high levels of stress. Sports and enjoyable recreation experiences can decrease stress and psychological tensions. So some sports and recreational activities bring a very positive social impact in facilitating the better well-being of its residents. After such a sports event, the number of walkers surely increases. And the speed of existing walkers increases because of enthusiasm.

Some proven facts of exercise:-

  • Activities such as an early morning walk, run, and exercise gave a boost to the immune system that lasted two or three days.
  • Each additional km walked or run by a sedentary person would give him or her an extra few minutes of life.
  • People who exercised regularly were 2.5 times more likely to report that they were happier than who didn’t exercise at all.
  • It really helps in reducing stress and gives strength to handle stress.


Community pride is generated through leisure, sports, festivals, and park facilities. Different type of activities in the society can lead to comparison among neighboring societies. When communities compare themselves to one another, eager to improve, they almost always evaluate their levels of open space, recreation facilities, sports event, festival celebrations, and leisure program development.


It’s a great way to meet old friends and a super way to make new friends. It is a great interacting platform for people to socialize and bond with each other, and have some fun. It also helps promote sports, health, and fitness among residents, especially children, and old age group. Physical activity also helps in stimulating intellectual talks and becomes a motivational platform for everyone. The best opportunities are those that are planned and supervised by the society volunteers so that things are well planned and safe for all the age groups to attend. Such activities enhance the learning process and the development of cognitive skills for young children.

“Let’s celebrate togetherness”



It is a great interacting platform for people to socialize and bond with each other, and have some fun. After such sports activity society can plan a light breakfast meal for everyone. Over the tea people can talk about each other, they can talk about some ongoing issues in the society, they can do some future planning in regard to the betterment of society.

“Let’s bond over sports”



Creating and maintaining a healthy environment in a society always attract new buyers and customers. People really love such condominiums where there are events happening for all genre. People love to settle in a society where positivity flows in the air, where people love to talk to each other, where everyone is kind and helpful. And such social events bring people together.


Physically active older people typically benefit from lower blood pressure, increased muscle strength, joint flexibility, and lower total cholesterol levels than do less active people. Leisure activities can provide for the creation of new social relationships for Seniors citizens.

Conquer BOREDOM!

A sense of community and social contact is fostered in order to combat urban social problems like loneliness and isolation. Sports event, festival celebrations, and potluck parties enhance the quality of life and contribute positively to the mental health of its citizens. Both mild and clinical depression can be reduced with such activities. In this social media era that personal touch for presence is so important to eliminate loneliness.”Active Living” is a concept that connects the mind, body, and spirit in physical activity.

We can also promote a few heritage games at such events. This brings in a lot of fun element to the event and helps to revive the interest in our good old heritage games. And we can actually connect to our growing up days.


Control WEIGHT, Look BETTER, Stay FIT

Sports participants had significantly lower body mass index values, lower blood pressures, and lower resting pulse rates.
The physically fit person is less prone to injury and is less likely to experience depression.

“Let’s live happily healthy


Do drop a comment below if you agree with the positive thought on the sports event in residential societies.

Really proud to be part of such a society where Sports is a priority!

You want us to help you in organizing such events in your society 
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