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red dress

A Versatile and Classy Red Dress

Happy Friday!

It was the most delightful day of the week here – the sun was out, the leaves are largely changing hues. The weather is getting better day by day!

Generally, I  stay away from wearing tight dresses or a bodycon dress. And on a similar note, I’m not a fan of low cut tops as well as dresses. But I went for this dress because of its color “red ” and needless to say I feel fan-freaking-tastic in this red dress.

So this red dress is like breaking out a bodycon dress for me. And I believe if you wear something with your heart beating for it, you definitely gonna leave a sparkle!

A pretty red dress with the front half buttons, not so low cut and a perfect below knee length. This dress is feminine, timeless, and sexy. It is a simple dress that features body shaping darts and its red color actually makes a statement when you step out.

red dress

When it comes to doing a makeup with a red dress, I love to do  ‘red on red’ look also but sometimes when you stepping out for a lunch date or just an outing it might look too heavy and overdone.

The sun-kissed look is the perfect way to complement your bold outfit choice.  Dark black kajal, little mascara, coral shades of lip colors and your makeup look works fantastically well, as it doesn’t take away any of the focus from your vibrant red dress and generally is flattering for almost all skin tones.   

red dress

Minimal accessories with a watch, ear hangings and a big ring to flaunt in fingers. You can try beige or nude color shoes or a clutch that goes well with all bright hues.

red dress

Wear your best smile with your red dress and believe me you will look gorgeous!

red dress

Fashion tips:- I think the most important parts of this red dress that make me feel comfortable in it are that:

1.) It’s a thick material which I have tried and tested kinds for wearing a bodycon dress. That thickness really makes you feel comfortable wearing a bodycon.

2.) It fits my body really well, it’s not too tight or too loose. I’m able to move around comfortably, bend over without any sticking feel.

3.) It has a pretty good length with a perfect stretch which I think really gives me a classy look.

So this dress is really opening a new chapter for my wardrobe for trying out this style of bodycon dresses.

I hope everyone had a wonderful weekend! And I appreciate each and every share! 

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Do you like bodycon dresses? Have you ever found the perfect bodycon dress for you? If so, what did you like so well about it? Let me know in the comments below!

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