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ANUPAMA KHARANGARH – Founder & Author @divasdais

red shoe

I am a mother :). Worked for right around 8years in IT. At the point when my second child was born couldn’t get the heart to leave two kids at home. Some way or another my psyche advised my heart to be at home and appreciate parenthood with two lil beasts at home :). That day and today it would have been right around 6years. Being a mother, I play many roles in a day and love writing about those roles and how life revolves around them. I’m healthy, fitness and fashion devotee, adore cooking, love outdoor sports, music, street dancing and last but not the least I love “myself”. I cherish the blogging scene where I can associate with a large number of individuals with those positive words and happy thoughts. Anticipating all… Here’s to you!!!
Daily wellbeing
Daily fashion
Daily you and me 🙂

SWATI SOLKE – Article Writer @divasdais

swati solke

My name is Swati Solke. I’m an ex-software engineer and an aspiring writer, currently based out of Gwalior. Married to a man in uniform. Passionate about food (not necessarily healthy though 😉), travel and people, in that order.
I believe that divas are so much more than how the world views them. They are the very definition of elegance, sophistication, and panache. Being a diva means carrying a kickass, hear-me-roar attitude and a personality to go with it! 😎
I’m so glad for an opportunity to be a part of this beautiful journey with divas!
Looking forward to contributing on this platform with lots of interesting articles and tidbits.

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