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freecycle recycling

Free-Cycling | The Newest Member In The Recycling Family

What’s the first thing that crosses your mind when you hear about recycling? Probably discarded, non-biodegradable plastic/paper/glass based products that must be processed into new commodities to keep our environment clean and green. In addition to recycling are two more practices that play an equally important role in resource preservation. They are Reusing and Reducing. […]

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meethe paare

Meethe paare ….Rediscovering the desi dish ,all time favourite

Winters are good for eating jaggery as it helps in boosting immunity towards various infections and seasonal flu’s. जब भी हम बचपन में नानी या दादी के घर जाते थे तो मीठे में हमको “गुड़ के पारे” या “बुरा चावल” या “मलाई बुरा” या “गुड़ के चावल” यही सब मिलता था ….. उसी में से […]

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