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Common hairstyles that can harm your hair

Leaving hair loose can be boring all the time, so we try different hairstyles. Sometimes because of sweaty weather, we choose a few hairstyles.  However, not all of the hairstyles we turn to are good for us. Most of the hair do’s actually harm our hair. Not only do they tug at the roots of our tresses and causes physical pain, but they can also lead to hair loss and breakage over the period of time. Doing the hairstyles occasionally is fine and other times we can play safe with the hair and try some other style tips. Here I am talking about the ones we do it on a regular basis thinking that they can be done on regular basis and for a longer time.

Lets list bunch of them here as inputs are from a Hairstylist Friend :

High Ponytails:

High ponytails hairstyle is so in one is because of the summer here and second, of course, it looks so cool with skirts, shorts, and everything. But it really pulls your hair from the front and back of your head tightly which can lead to damaged follicles by tugging at the roots of each strand. And secondly, its high ponytail where it’s constantly fighting the gravity so if kept for a long time it can give you a headache as well.


Styled When Wet Hair :

We think the easiest hairstyle to try at home is wavy hair look which can be easily achieved by tying into a bun or set of a number of braids while hair is still damp. But doing this often can is bad for your hair in the long run. This common hair trick can lead to hair breakage and tying the wet hair could only intensify the damage. Experts also suggest that combing it when it is damp is a bad idea.

What to say, even I used to this style so often while growing by making so many braids in the wet hair in night and sleep. Morning a new hairstyle is ready but I would suggest not to do this often.

Tight High Top-Knots:

Many of us go through a bad hair day and to our rescue comes the tight high top-knots. Seen on supermodels and influencers, this cool style is hard to do away with. But you shouldn’t do this often and also not for long hours because it pulls your hair back tightly and which is painful for the scalp too. It can lead to follicle damage and thinning hair. Also, this hairstyle pull the entire hair into one place on the top, making your head feel very heavy. This should not be a daily look. You can also go with a loose, messy bun, as it creates the similar look.


Pin straight hair :

Some people are born with sleek, shiny straight locks. But if you weren’t and you’re using a flat iron often, know that you may be damaging your hair. I definitely don’t recommend flat-ironing on a daily basis. Similarly, if you have pin-straight locks and you want a wavy look then your weapon may be a curling iron instead of a flat iron, so the same rules apply. I definitely don’t recommend curl-ironing on a daily basis. On a similar note avoid using hair dryers on regular basis, let them dry naturally.

Tight Braid:

Those tight braids are so in trend, but they can cause some wear and tear on your strands, especially if you have fine locks. So instead make a mid or low ponytail that is not at all tight and then make a loose braid. If you really want to try something more you can further wrap the braid into a soft bun.

With these few points, you can help protect your hair from the further damage this summer. Your hair will thank you for additional care by looking astonishing all through this hot season.

Note: Inputs from a hairstylist friend

Pic courtesy: Google

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