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5 Easiest things to keep kids away from gadgets and let them live their childhood.

“Childhood only comes around once. Make your child’s memories special. Take them on a new adventure each day. It is as simple as opening a book.” – K.Lamb

“Thank GOD we were born in the era before technology “. How strong is this statement? How important is it for parents? And how important you are making this for kids to understand?

And I proudly tell fellow mothers that we (me and my kids) don’t have time for TV from Monday to Friday.My kids, they do watch TV and iPad on weekends, based on whatever amount of time they get after finishing their basic regular scheduled stuff.

The only Rule I have at home is that you can’t combine any activity with eating time (there’s a science behind it which we can discuss separately). Enjoy and savor your food.

Children, for the absence of knowing any better or what is good or bad for them, will always choose to watch TV or iPad unless we show them to realize totally new possibilities of life. Shape a great childhood for them. Full of different activities which can provide a lot of exposure to them towards life.

I am just sharing very basic ideas, the way we were brought up by our parents:


  • Family Time: 

    Board Games / Talk to them/Play with them /Challenge them/Do nothing together/Ask them to perform with you, without you/Cook, bake together/ Set table, dry clothes together/Craft together/Gardening.Tones of things you can do with your kids which can indirectly keep you active and your wellness on the check.When they are small you can spend a lot of time with them in different ways and give them a strong base before they are exposed to the outer world of friends, studies, and other activities.

So don’t give your time to TV or something else. Anyways your time will reduce over the years.

family time son shines

  • Visit friends and family:

    Whenever kids are visiting cousins and friends encourage them to play with each other rather than making them sit in front of a TV. They are not meeting them on daily basis so go and make memories with them. In our times most of us used to live in joint families or if not joint families neighbors are kind of extended families where kids used to have a company of other kids available all the time so we look forward to those playtimes. Now when meet our old friends we talk about those times. I really want our kids also to have such wonderful memories to talk about.

In today’s era, with so much of movable jobs, its really become a task for kids to settle to new places and make new friends now and then. But I think we should take it in a more positive way of knowing a bigger circle of friends from different places. It’s the just little bit of an effort rather than giving them an option of sit at home watching a TV or play games on iPad. It’s really OK for few days even if they go down and just sit, watch other kids and come back without playing with them. Don’t let them dishearten, you play with them and kids will come and ask for playing with them. Slowly you take a back seat and let kids bond. With this, they will always be looking forward to meeting and mingle with new friends and they will be a pro in creating and finding new games rather than just suggesting them for TV or iPad games.

The childhood filled with friends, cousins, family members ….is the best childhood.

visit friendscousins timeboard games


  • Outdoors: 

    I really love my children to spend time in outdoors. It may be cycling, experiencing the nature, puddle stomping, going for a hike, running behind the dog in the garden, for a nice swim, climb trees, collect stones, playing any sport like cricket or tennis or badminton or football with friends. Once they start enjoying these things, they themselves will not ask for TV. You show them these outdoor paths and let them follow whatever activity they are enjoying. After few months you loosen up your grip and give them a choice of a TV or outdoors, I am sure they will go for “outdoors” because you have shown them a quite cooler and more interesting list of things to do rather than TV. Its tried, tested and applied and very well seen in my house. My kids really like watching TV but they really love and enjoy their outdoor time.

Outdoors really give them wide exposure towards life scenes and drain out their energy in a positive way.


  • Daily reading habit:

    You start reading to them and slowly you will watch they will grow and start reading on their own. You still keep on reading with them and slowly you will see it will become a habit. Reading will really help them in many ways. It will become their favorite pastime. Reading will help them in increasing their attention span and better focus. By this reading habit, they are getting their best friends as “books”. Reading really helps in increasing their thirst for knowledge. Slowly you can guide them to increase their vocabulary. Reading can actually lead them to the positive imagination and creative thinking. And in their free time, you will see them holding a book and reading without even you asking for it. They themselves will stop coming to you and ask  “अब हम क्या करें मम्मी” because they know they have time on hand they can sit and read. I really love that stage where TV is replaced by a book.

Helping children develop reading skills is important because reading is the basic foundation for learning – Gauri Venkitaraman


  • Schedule/ Discipline/Responsibilities:

    With responsibility comes discipline and with discipline comes schedule. And if kids have a schedule to follow with activities involved in that they will not get a chance to think about TV or any other gadgets.

  1. Give kids a structure and routine to follow.
  2. It should start early in age from very basic responsibilities. Like keeping their own plate to washing, take out their own lunch box, put their clothes to washing, set their own bag. And as when they grow, keep growing their responsibilities too. With this, they will learn many things like time management, discipline, empathy, self-reliance, self-confidence. It will keep them involved in activities at home.
  3. By that way, it will be easy for our kids to face the world outside when they grow.
  4. They will be smart to handle themselves and many situations on their own if they are grown up handling responsibilities at home.
  5. Plus very limited hours they have after school and in that also they have so many activities to do, so where is the time to think about TV and all.

Discipline is the key to happy and beautiful childhood.


You should show your childhood memories to your kids so that they can understand that memories can be created only when they are engaged in family and friend activities rather than sitting in front of TV or iPad.


It’s just not the article for reading, it’s easily applicable. And I really want to hear from other mothers how they are keeping their kids’ media time restricted.

Share your tips and ideas. And share my tips and ideas further with your mommy friends.


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