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mom fun moments

Fun moments for busy moms

Fun moments for moms.

I have two boys at home who need more of me for almost most of the chores in their life right now as they are pretty young.Be with them and helping them out I really love and enjoy a lot.Makes me happy, bring a smile on my face.They keep me busy going on the weekdays and my weekends are like a roller coaster. Sometimes it really becomes very stressful.

In the midst of balancing the household, kids and their activities, my fitness schedule and my blog sometimes it feels impossible to just stop and have some fun moments!!!

My six-year-old is like the biggest story maker on this planet and his cute little words and thoughts bring a nice unintentional smile on my face. Life is good!!!

But we can all use a little more fun away from home with friends just to unwind ourselves. Girlfriend fun moments.

Detox fun moments for busy moms:

For someone going to a salon and spending few hours of relaxation are fun moments. For someone, fun moments can be a late night partying out. But for me, it’s just a right kind of food out in the sun, under the sky with the right kind of people. Music on top of it is a blessing.

Some crazy talks, some lovely clicks!!!! Girlfriends Therapy 

Compilation of fun moments this time during the spring..Watch the video

Moms out there are often carrying loads that are far heavier than they ought to carry and that the stress and strain of these loads often leaves us feeling heavy burden sometimes. So take a break, call up your other mom girlfriends, cook, eat together, talk and have fun.

Over to other moms :

Whats your idea of fun moments? Share and let’s motivate each other.

Let’s spread life and laughter together girlfriends …….


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