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Go Flare In Your Bootcut Jeans This Christmas !!!

Jeans are an imperative piece of a lady’s closet. With such a large number of styles, the outfit varieties are unending. You can style the same jeans in casual, formal or in a semi-formal way.

Today how about we talk about the flexible bootcut jeans. This is not a new fashion trend, its repeat from history. Our celebrities from past have never stopped flaunting the bootcut/flared jeans.

bootcut jeans

You can wear bootcut jeans or wide leg pants with heels, boots, or flats. They’re in every case exceptionally flatters all figures in a smart, slimming silhouette.


bootcut jeans

That fit around the waist and upper thigh are really amazing in boot cuts followed by tapering below the knees. The waist could be easily flaunted with a crop top if you are heading for a coffee date with friends. Boot cuts are so versatile and the subtle flare will help elongate your legs especially when worn with high heels or boots.

bootcut jeans

Keep it simple for your outing with a sling and let it shine in all its gorgeous simplicity.

bootcut jeans

And I really made sure that the length of the jeans would be perfect when paired with my favorite boots. And I should be wearing my biggest smile while clicking the picture :).

bootcut jeans

Bootcut jeans can be worn in different ways, with a variety of social settings:

  • Bootcuts can be dressed up with a fitted blazer and stylish kitten-heeled shoes to wear to work on casual Fridays.
  • One can wear a medium wash jean with a fitted shirt and flats as an effortless way to look put together while running errands.
  • For concerts and parties, one can purchase fun and fashionable embellished top and pair with their favorite boot cuts.
  • As you can see in the photos above while stepping out with friends I choose to wear it with my crop top with a casual jacket to keep me warm. And my favorite boots are always there to give me company.

Recently I have noticed I am ditching my skinny jeans a lot and trying different other styles !!! And I am loving !!!

Stay Stylish Forever!

What shape jeans are your favorite? 

Do you like wearing bootcut jeans? If so, how do you style them?

Who's with me to bring the boot cut jeans back in their wardrobe!?

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