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healthy cheat meals

Guide to healthy cheat meals

We all crave for a healthy perfect body. So we select to start a better eating routine that suits us and keeps us on the right track with our wellness level. In any case, it truly needs that solid self-control to be on controlled parts and steady calorie check.

But at the same point, you do crave a piece of cake or pizza. Hence, a cheat day every week is required. But try to have that cheat meal as a healthy cheat meal.

And it’s really ok to indulge in some healthy cheat meal here and there. It curbs the longing for such food the entire week. And slowly that urge to eat junk every week might decrease. A weekly cheat meal can easily be postponed to once a month healthy cheat meal.

We should become acquainted with some brilliant tips to follow on cheat meal day.

Think before you indulge:

A cheat day doesn’t mean eating senselessly; we must eat consciously and in controlled portions. Portion size really matters on a cheat day. Divide your choices for a cheat meal day. If you going to dig into carbs or a dessert, then make sure you don’t consume all that junk food in one go. Make choices eat a lot of desserts but then sacrifice on carbs. When you have burger or pizza on mind then go easy on desserts and put that in you next week cheat meal plan. Also if you know well advance about some party or your cheat meal day so start cutting down on your regular meals a day before like by cutting down half roti less in lunch and one roti less in dinner. Believe me, it will help you to have the same figure on weighing scale after the cheat meal day.

Home Cooked meals:

If your cheat meal is home cooked food, which could be a simple halwa or a smoothie or a bowl of ice-cream with seasonal fruits then there’s nothing like it. It will not harm you as much as outside junk food. A healthy cheat meal concept is my personal favorite. You can plan a small treat every day for yourself at home instead of going out weekly for cheat meals.


Right day, Right amount:

Overeating is also considered as a part of a cheat meal. Avoid planning a cheat meal on days when you are stressed or under work pressure as it pushes you to eat more. If you are stressed best thing is to eat light for example “eat in a bowl” and sleep on time rather than planning a cheat meal. Another way to relieve stress is exercise. Food should not be your stress reliever. Even if you are hanging out with friends to overcome your stress blues and you are eating out with them, make sure you manage the servings. So choose your day of cheat meal wisely. The more you eat junk food, the cravings to have a cheat meal will start increasing.

Smart choice while drinking:

Mostly alcoholic drinks, sodas, canned juices contain a large amount of sugar. Thus, consuming them will increase your calorie intake. Additionally, alcohol quickens the rate at which dietary fat is stored as body fat. So calorie intake from food and alcohol both are added. So the best way is to have limited drinks and should have a gap between drinking and sleeping. Go for fresh lime water, coconut water as your drink with the food. Best is a dance while you enjoying your drink if you are in a party. So that it will be digested and if you are the host of the party then wind up everything in the night only after your guests leave. And drink lots of extra water next to morning to help in flushing out some water weight caused by extra calories. Smart choices :).

Nutritional value check:

While eating out pick a meal that still has some nutritional value instead of something with high calorie or fat. Do find some better swaps with the wholesome food instead of processed food. So rather than going for a burger, go for a banana pancake with an omelet and spaghetti or a vegetable pasta. If you crave for something in desserts try smoothies or ice creams with freshly cut banana or mango.

Ice cream with fruits

Lunching preferred over Dinner parties:

Plan birthday lunches than dinners. Plan girls lunch out rather than a night out. So you have got whole evening to move around and digest the cheat meal and then you can have a lighter meal in the dinner time.

Thought of the day

Life is not only about thinking what to eat and what not to eat. 
You have several circles of life-based on which phase of life you are in. 
So your lifestyle change is the only way which can keep you on the track 
of living healthy.And the battle of lifestyle change can be won by your 
willpower to do that. So you can reload your willpower with the infrequent 
cheat meals if they help.

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