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Treated Hair : The Ultimate Care Guide

Howdy Ladies!

We are back with another significant topic that is always a top internet search in the beauty and grooming area irrespective of the season. It’s the all essential Hair Care! But our listicle today has one important difference; we are going to share care tips for treated hair, rhyme not intended. 🙂

Why is Treated Hair Different?

Treated hair fall into the categories such as straightened, colored, permed, teased…to name a few! The moment we decide to go under the…heat shall we say, what happens is more than just a beautiful new look. The flip side is extra maintenance effort, having to deal with damage and needing touch-ups. This happens due to the application of strong chemicals, high heat and stress to the hair shaft. But as we all know, girl to girl, that it all seems a small price to pay for our favorite look!

Accepting the flip side is done so now let’s move on to the tips that will help us manage it better. Treated hair requires special attention that our regular care just doesn’t cover. I have straightened/smoothened hair that has had at least 8 touch ups! How do I make sure that damage and hair fall stays away? Here are some of my easy to follow, highly effective and self-attested steps for treated hair care.

Just go Nuts

This is an oft-repeated cliché but has to be said…there is simply no replacement to a well-balanced diet which comprises of your daily vegetables and fruits. Including nuts like almonds and walnuts provides the essential nutrients required to maintain hair health. Drinking homemade well-being elixirs such as methi water or jeera water work magic on hair roots to tips. So remember to incorporate these elements in your diet if you haven’t already done so! 🙂

Never Mess with Wet Tress(es)

From your mom to your local judgmental parlor aunty, this is a piece of advice that you just can’t get away from….that is not to comb through or apply high heat to wet hair. Moisture makes hair weak and treated wet hair are especially more susceptible to breaking off under stress. So make sure to towel dry first and then use the cold setting on your dryer for ideal results.

The Mask or Masque Conundrum

In my experience, there are two categories of people; the ones who buy expensive hair masques and the ones who go the DIY route and whip up hair masks in their kitchen. The good news…both categories are mostly correct in their preferences. The not-so-good news….almost everyone under appreciates the other side and stays put in their respective choices. Ideally, you should try both and work out a combination of hair masques and homemade masks that work best for you.

For damaged hair, you may try a curd and honey mask or else apply Aloe Vera mixed with crushed curry leaves and onion juice, once a week. Such simple homemade masks alternated with good quality hair masque (Wella, L’Oreal, BBlunt) will maintain the shine, strength, and smoothness of your treated hair.

Oiling is the Answer

Another cliché, well-worn but never failing the test of time, oiling is the ultimate solution to all your hair woes. It is a common misconception that treated hair should not be massaged with oils. On the contrary, oil massages take care of the scalp and reverse damage like nothing else. Hair oils such as olive, almond, and coconut are age-old remedies for most hair and scalp problems.

So don’t be lazy and warm up your hair oil before treating yourself to a comforting, pampering massage at least once a week. You will definitely see the unmistakable results before long.

Brush Away Your Woes

Remember the beloved fairy tales wherein the beautiful princess brushes her perfect hair a hundred times every night. Not only does this sound too good to be true but also impossible to attempt! But the fact is that combing your tresses well once a day is of extreme importance. It promotes blood flow to the scalp and helps control tangles and breakage. You must opt for a wide-toothed comb/brush having round tip bristles. Make sure to remove tangles with gentleness as treated hair tends to break off very easily.

Along with the above mentioned precautions for hair care, do keep in mind the hairstyles which can harm your hair.

So there you go ladies, the ultimate care guide for your crowning glory to keep them forever beautiful and safe! Hope you find our tips useful and easy to follow.

Please share your thoughts and more hair care ideas with us in the comment section. 🙂

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