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khoya ladoo

Healthy snacks for kids – Ladoo magic is back !!!

Healthy snacks for kids

“Mom halwai” is a never-ending experimental mom in the kitchen for making healthy snacks for kids. By hook or crook, my kids should have healthiest of food in their growing years.

That’s my motto. And I am sure that’s the motto of all the moms out there.

Just to add more mouth-watering softness to my crunchy ladoo recipe adding one more ingredient to existing ingredient list.

All the ingredients and steps to make will be same as shared in the post below :

Kids should eat this super food for super health….. Mamma’s homemade ladoo

The secret ingredient is the ” brown khoya left after making the ghee from malai “.

khoya ladoo
Homemade khoya

After roasting all the ingredients while mixing, mix this ghee residual in dry ingredients and let them cool off before mixing sugar in the mixture.

khoya ladoo

This residual khoya have a lot of ghee still left in it so you adjust the quantity of ghee accordingly.

And I made a good amount of ladoo’s to go for next 10 days with a different flavor this time.

Ghar ka ghee with an additional benefit of ghar ke ladoo. Healthy snacks for kids in an evening with a warm glass of milk. Even tea lovers like me can also have them with their evening tea and kick off those biscuits.

Join me for evening tea and taste the magic yourself :).

Note: Share with your friends and family members who all are making ghee at home. They should not throw this ghee leftover.


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