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Healthy vegetables which I want my kids to learn Eat Raw

I may be successful in few raw healthy vegetables eating till date for mine kids. But a lot of more work needs to be done yet. Maybe by next winter, I can tick few rawer healthy vegetables off my bucket list…

This dietary change helped me a lot in maintaining good health so I want my kids too to learn eating raw healthy vegetables.

But why raw veggies for my kids is on my bucket list? Thinking !!

Very simple answer ..I have two thoughts in my mind :

One, its healthy for us as adults, so its healthy for my kids too. 😊 I’m not the promoter of 100% raw food lifestyle for anyone .I’m a big advocate of incorporating Healthy Habits and Healthy Lifestyle.

Second as and when we travel with kids it’s really becoming easy to make them eat as it’s not necessary that they will get their choice of food everywhere.But vegetables and fruits will be available across the world.

So the few raw healthy vegetables I am working on from last few seasons are:


Easiest thing couple of years ago I started with carrots. They were easiest I guess. I prefer my kids to eat raw carrots most of the season.But sometimes “aloo gajar ki subji” or “gajar ka halwa” is not a bad option too.


Next thing which came was peas. And peas too was super easy. As I made it a task for my kids. I used to sit with a heap of peas on the table and call out for my boys to come and help me in peeling them off. While peeling I keep on eating them raw. And my boys just followed me like a parrot. Trust me seasonal peas are really delicious, soft and sweet.

BELL PEPPERS: yellow and red

For bell peppers, their color came as a savior for me. Colorful things attract kids. I taught my kids to dip long thin cut bell peppers in homemade dips and just eat crunchy juicy peppers. They enjoy bell peppers in their pasta too.


Lettuce came handy and easy to introduce with the help of sandwich. Spread a layer of green chutney and put one lettuce leaf with a cheese slice your job is done. Slowly from sandwich leaf category I started added it in salads too.


Cabbage is a big no for both my boys. The only dish where they like to eat cabbage is noodles :(. Cabbage is loaded with vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants. So this is my target for the next season to make my kids learn to eat a raw cabbage.


I am struggling with this one. Both my kids don’t like to eat raw cauliflower. And me and my husband we both just love eating it raw. So now to introduce the concept of raw cauliflower, I grate it and make “gobi paratha” for them which they don’t eat happily but with dipping in curd and butter, they are developing the taste. Cauliflower I do add in “pulao” and “aloo gobhi matar ki sabji” too. Especially on the weekends when their father is around, one cauliflower dish has to be made so that they will probably try to copy him.

And my hubby thinks I am making his favorite vegetable;). 


Brocolli somehow my younger one developed the taste very early in life. My elder one never liked it though. But once he started seeing his younger one eating it and praising the taste of it, even he picked up eating broccoli. My younger one praises the taste of broccoli and I have to praise my elder one for eating his broccoli to encourage him. In the beginning, sometimes even I have given him the reward of ice cream when he used to finish his broccoli’s. But this is the second season and he has actually developed the taste of broccoli.


  • Make sure to offer kids a variety of healthy vegetables each day.
  • The variety of healthy vegetables eaten is more important than the amount.
  • Offer raw healthy vegetables as snacks to them.
  • Keep trying after weeks time again for the vegetables which kid is refusing to eat now.
  • Set an example of you eating the vegetables with your kids at the table.
  • Talk to them about the importance of eating healthy vegetables in raw form and cooked form.

And believe me if you as a family follow this eating this raw vegetable habit you will never look out for any detox diet and plans.

Share your ideas or tricks you used to make your kids eat healthy vegetables.


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