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How not to make those excuses

Part 1- Spot of sun

Who doesn’t need workout¬†motivation?
There are umpteen excuses that all of us come up with when it comes to not going for that run, or hitting the gym.
Right from imagined chores of the day to unwaxed legs; we all play this mind game of not getting up and DOING IT. I, too, have my procrastination days but have nailed some of the techniques to pull me out.
The topmost in the list of my workout motivation is my spot of sun. Let me start at the beginning. Here, in Dubai, we are green deprived and long for a view of the green and of course water. My favorite spot of my gym is the stretch area where the sun streams through the swaying palms while I work on my core. I love this place so much that I dream of this even when I am working out elsewhere in the world. For me, it’s soul food when I see that greenery touched by the sun. While I am holding that plank, I even imagine the sound of rustling of those swaying beauties. I also love my run around the waterfront of Sharjah Corniche.
workout motivation
For me, this is the excuse buster #1.
The spot of sun is for each one of us. One has to find it to get up and get going for that spin around a favorite park or that beachside leisurely walk listening to waves. That’s when the workout is not a rut but something you look forward to. So, find that favorite place which gives you the inner calm and makes you kick ass; literally. This is the mantra to refresh, renew and replenish your soul. This way you’ll nourish your soul while working out on that body, and never ever think of any excuse to not work out.
Hope now onwards you will spot out your favorite spot and will never ever give an excuse for your workouts.

Share your idea of workout motivation !!!

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