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How to keep your brain sharp after 30

Hello readers!

Today we will discuss some simple and important tips to keep your brain sharper and younger than ever. I recently hit the dreaded ‘30’ milestone myself and after the initial freaking out an episode, decided to take it in my stride. After all, you are only as old or young as you feel! 😉

The fact is, as we move from being fresh 20-somethings to being more seasoned 30-somethings, lethargy usually sets in. This mostly has to do with sipping into comfortable life routines and being set in our ways. It gets harder to learn new things or make new friends once we cross into our 30s, leading to stagnation and mental decay.

To curb these worrying effects and continue to stay mentally sharp, fit and young, let’s take a look at the following pointers.

Book Your Time With Books

This is the first tip because it is both a no-brainer (pun not intended) and a personal favorite! Right from childhood, it is imperative for everyone to develop healthy reading habits. The difference between readers and non-readers is apparent at all ages. Staying in touch with books will not only help you stay informed but also help with refreshing your vocabulary.

Book clubs are a great way to stay on your reading goals with the added benefit of having illuminating discussions with other interested people. So switch off that television, put aside that laptop and pick up a paperback portal to a different world!

Hop On The Hobby Train

Granted that a hectic, stressful lifestyle, a regular phenomenon nowadays, leaves little room for recreational activities, but it is nevertheless vital and must be high on your priority list! Picking up a new hobby the piques your interest, stimulates and reanimates your mind.

Some fun and invigorating activities for you could take up include dancing, gardening, blog writing, painting, music,cycling etc. These pursuits have the dual purpose of relaxing as well as enlivening you.  So dig deep, unearth your hidden passions and rediscover your youth!

Puzzle It Up

I am sure you will all agree that we spend an inordinate time on our smartphones every day.  It’s become second nature to go into oblivion during endless, glassy-eyed scrolling on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. Phone addiction aside, this has a seriously damaging effect on our focus, attention span and thinking ability.

Worry not as these frightening effects can be easily overcome. Since we won’t put our phones down, let’s make the phone more mentally stimulating. Install puzzle games, quiz apps and news apps instead of mindless games on your phone. Solve mathematical/logical puzzles on your phone when you are waiting for your ride or standing in a queue. This will help convert your “phone time” into a rousing learning experience.

Exercise All The Way

No matter what the issue, it always seems to come back to the E word, doesn’t it? 😛

Actually exercising works wonders for not just for your physical health but helps keep your brain fit as well. Working out regularly releases happiness hormones in our body, which help in various functions such as regulating your mood, behavior, and appetite. The presence of these hormones in the brain ensures a calmer nervous system and hence directly affects your mental health. A good exercise routine increases your creativity levels, strengthens your focus and boosts your stamina.

Meet New People

This is another simple point that almost all of us forget when we hit our 30s; getting too comfortable in a known company with little desire to experiment. As we grow older, meeting someone new and forging a friendship sounds stressful at the very least, but it is of massive importance. It makes us engage in unpredictable conversations and unravel unknown personalities, which becomes a form of brain workout!

So get out there more and talk to someone new. Not only will you end up with a fresher, fitter mind but also make more friends in the process. 🙂

These were our handy tips to keep your brain razor sharp no matter your age group or profession. Hope you apply them in your life and find them helpful! 🙂

If you have any suggestions of useful tips of your own, please share them with us in the comments section.

3 thoughts to “How to keep your brain sharp after 30”

  1. Nice blog, regarding downloading puzzles on phone, will still prefer daily crosswords and Sudoku in newspaper ir magazines. Will be way better than doing same thing on phone. What say??

  2. Yes solving puzzles in the good old way is much better but unfortunately most people spend so much time on their phones that newspapers get pushed aside for good. Having puzzle based games on the phone itself takes care of this.

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