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Kick in red – Two ways to wear Red Shoe

Don’t know I have this feeling, which I recently felt on my own that wearing a red shoe can increase a person’s confidence.

Red shoes might not transport you to the Hollywood, but they do seem somewhat magical.And I felt that magic closely.👠

Shoes are one of the most immediately noticeable parts of a person’s wardrobe. Therefore wear those pair of bright red shoes and you surely will be drawing some attention.

Get Noticed (Start from home) :

Kids were back from school. They were waiting for me at home as I was out for lunch.They welcomed me at home with a stare at my red shoe.My younger one said, “Mumma your red shoe looks little funny“.And I was like, see you noticed and gave him a hug🙅.

Feedback positive or negative doesn’t matter here. “Get Noticed” is the thing. It’s your fashion quotient how you mix and match your bold hues effectively and get noticed.

“Give a girl the right shoe and she can conquer the world” – Marilyn Monroe

My Version: “Give a girl the right red shoe and she can conquer the world with her brightness”

My way of styling them: WAY 1

I know the safest way to wear the bright hue shoes is with your all over black look. But I wanted to go for my mini mind look with white and Denim because I wanted to wear my red shoe as an accessory, not as a shoe. With black, you wear any shoe as a shoe, not as an accessory. See what a logic I gave !!!

Simple white top


Very light makeup

Red shoe

And you are on the ramp


red shoe


red shoe


red shoe

With all over black look: WAY 2

Add a dash of red to an all-black look with an eye-catching red shoe. Accessorize with matching lips and a gold color neckpiece or a blazer over it. Red is always delightful on lips but I think its more charming on foot.

Plain black top

Black denim

Red Lips


Red Shoes

And you ready for Friday night.

What do you say?

red shoe


red shoe


red shoe


My choice, my comfort, my fashion is the motto.

What do you think which look is better?  Way 1 or way 2 with the red shoe?

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