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Kids should eat this super food for super health….. Mamma’s homemade ladoo

Sometimes making kids eat becomes a task.In addition, making them eat healthily is the more biggest task. I have found nerve of my boys with this superfood for super health and super energy.

My boys and even me we have a sweet tooth. After finishing meals my elder one always ask for “Mamma मीठे में क्या है“. And my heart sinks when he munches on cookies or muffins or candies for satisfying that sweet tooth. Until it’s an emergency I don’t trust shop sweet for daily consumption.So my boys have turned me into a ” Mom हलवाई “.Kids were off to school and I was busy with this  “Sooji Besan Ladoo “ . It acts as a supplement food for kids. A perfect super food for the super health of my boys. Hence I keep them handy while traveling.

Different ingredients health benefits:

Sooji –

  • The fiber in sooji helps in easy bowel movement.
  • Sooji releases energy slowly and keeps you free of hunger pangs.
  • Sooji has plenty of proteins, carbohydrates, and iron as well as vitamin B & E.
  • Phosphorus in Sooji, rava or Semolina helps in healthy metabolism and along with calcium and magnesium, it keeps healthy your muscles, nerves, and bones.

Besan –

  • Most noteworthy Besan is also rich in fiber, iron, potassium, manganese, copper, zinc, phosphorus, magnesium, folate, vitamin B-6, and thiamine.

Badam –

  • Prevents aging skin. Removes acne. Reduce cholesterol. Helps in maintaining blood pressure. Prevent Stroke. Improves immunity. Prevents cancer. Helps in digestion. In addition, it really helps in improving kids memory.

Ghee –

  • Ghee is the healthy fat, truly needed by the body.
  •  It is full of all good important fatty acids, Omega-3 and Omega-6.
  • Ghee is a good source of vitamins A, D, E, and K.
  •  It is essential for healthy skin and hair.
  • Ghee really helps in maintaining hormonal balance.
  • It improves immunity and builds strong bones. This list can go on.

Simple steps to make :

1- Ingredients:- Sooji, besan, dry fruits(roasted and chopped), ground sugar and ghee.

2- Roast sooji and besan till it becomes little brown in color as you do it for making halwa and keep it aside to cool down. Mix chopped badam and sugar once sooji and besan mixture is cool down.Add warm ghee. Mix all the ingredients.

3- Finally take some quantity in hand and make ladoo balls, if that ladoo is not coming in round shape and not sticking together add a little bit of more warm ghee.

super food for super health

This super ladoo is super easy to make. Evening time a ladoo with a glass of warm milk acts as a perfect snack for my boys. After the meals its a perfect sweet tooth killer for all of us at home.

“maa ke Pyaar waale ladoo”

“super food for super health waale ladoo”

What are you waiting for, make them today itself and share the feedback !!!!


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