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Divas, Leave a Little Sparkle Wherever You Go!


“Nothing can dim the light that shines from within”

~ Maya Angelou

Hello ladies, I’m back with another homily….albeit a much-needed one! One where we understand what it truly means to be a diva and how we go about living up to that title.

A layman would identify a diva by her aloofness or high maintenance. Big mistake. Coz we know what it’s all about. It’s all about the SPARKLE!

A diva like a sparkle can present itself in a multitude of ways…a twinkle in the eye, an infectious laugh, an impeccable dressing style, an impressive attitude or unshakable confidence. But the most important of all, the best sparkle comes from true happiness. When it comes to happiness, I find that there is usually much ado about nothing. Rather than looking inwards, more often than not, we attempt to attain happiness through external triggers, in the process forgetting that those triggers only work if you are joyful on the inside! And as we all know, happy girls shine brighter.

Not only does your SPARKLE help you look and feel radiant, but it also alleviates the moods of those around you! So how do we show off our unique brand of joy and spread it as much as we can? Here’s how…

Something About Her Smile

This is one of the most important, sure-fire methods of feeling fantastic and letting the world know too! Smiling, in addition to being insanely infectious, is also a great way to tone your jawline. True story! Every time you flash that Diva-like smile, someone’s day is sure to brighten up. 🙂

One important thing ladies, you might have heard too much smiling giving you crow’s feet. This is the kind of talk we have to stay away from. I’m sure you’ll agree that a few tiny wrinkles (that can be managed), are a small price to pay for an everlasting glow. 🙂

Capture with Conversation

There’s nothing like witty, scintillating conversation to spread a little sparkle in any proceedings. It is as important to discourse knowledgeably about your areas of strength and interests, as it is to listen. Since all you lovely divas are highly accomplished in your own way, you must light up your company with your unique brand of humor, interests and heartfelt conversation. After all, when a Diva parleys, people around are only able to listen in wonder 😉

Piping Participation

A Diva’s sparkle is best spread through the goodness of her work and an ever-ready will to help. So next up, is your all-important participation in the benevolent goings-on all around you. In our society, there is no dearth of people who need our help and support, be it mental, physical or just a shoulder to lean on. A diva never steps away from her responsibility in this regard.  With your enthusiasm, intelligence and an ever-present sparkle, you will make a huge difference in making the world as happy a place as you are within!


So ladies, let’s pledge to spread a little cheer, a little brightness and loads of sparkle wherever we go. After all, as divas, it is part of our job description. 🙂

Please share with us your own ways to spread happiness and let’s keep motivating each other!

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