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stress management

A Guide To Stress Management | In The Diva Style


Hello again, fellow Divas! 🙂

The time has come to gear up for the summer, which already promises to be a harsh one. Chores like spring cleaning, packing up the winter clothes and keeping the ice trays filled at all times are never fun, though necessary. I trust the exam season is finally over and the moms in our group must finally be getting a breather!
The one factor that never should never change, come hell or high water, is our duty to us….stress management, i.e, keeping our stress levels in check and our wellness should be our priority always. Easier said than done…am I right?!

The Why and How of Stress Management

In every other article online, it’s been discussed and agreed upon for the umpteenth time that stress is one of the worst things to hit anyone. It adversely affects both our physical and emotional health. So we all know the goal…what we need to discuss is how to get there. But even attempting stress management in our usual fast-paced lifestyle is an art that takes dedication, determination and sometimes, a serious don’t-give-a-damn attitude! 😉

Worry not ladies…together you and I will get there. All we need are some pointers. Here they are in the order of effectiveness.

Reserve “Me Only” Time

This is the first step in the process of unwinding coz most of the tips that will follow will involve doing stuff that you’d rather be alone for! Getting some alone time works wonderfully because it allows you to kick off your feet and not cater to anyone else’s whims but your own for a while. Coz let’s face it…when was the last time you thought only about what you needed?!

Meditate Till You Levitate

This highly popular relaxation technique involves a lot of sitting still, breathing deep and thinking about nothing in particular. Somehow I have never been able to quite manage it but if it works for you, this would be the numero uno stress-busting choice!

Ride the Music Carpet

A drug for the ears! There’s music everywhere in the world, transcending even the most obstinate borders. It’s tailor-made for every mood and all times of the day. So go ahead…pop in your earphones, lose yourself in your favorite melody and I guarantee it, all your stress will leave you faster than Nirav Modi left the country!

Hey, good “Book” ing!

My personal favorite stress management method! It’s a window to whichever world you fancy. A book can take you places where you can leave all your troubles behind. Pick your best-loved genre, or a trashy magazine (if you share my guilty pleasure!) and curl up with a steaming cuppa!

The Spa Way Out

A softly lit, fragrant room. A firm, clean, white massage table. Aroma candles in every corner. Music that sings to your soul. This ladies sums up to an experience that is as divine as it is relaxing….a spa massage! Of course, you might wonder how you would ever find the time to actually get away long enough for a massage. Valid concern. Hence, this tip is reserved for the rare days when the stars all line up and the heavens turn just for you. Or better still…convince your better half to give you a romantic spa at home! 😉

Retail Therapy

Shopping. That’s all I need to say to sell this point! We may never fully understand the magic that happens when we swipe a piece of plastic and walk away with bags and bags of goodies (all of which we obviously need!) but it’s real. Men may deny it, but retail therapy works just as well for them…the choice of merchandise being the only difference.


There you are, all you deserving Divas…your very own DIY relaxation guide. Just keep in mind to pamper yourself a little more often and everyone around you will notice your heightened levels of energy, enthusiasm, and an everlasting glow!

Please let us know in the comments section if any of these tips worked for you and share your own ‘Diva’-ine ways to unwind. Cheers 🙂

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