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Life: Me, My Boy And Baseball


School team with coaches after the match

In our country, cricket is considered as a GOD of sports, football is a lifestyle, hockey is a national game. Tennis, athletics, chess, badminton, wrestling all these are making their impact by striking contributions. In the newspaper, Sports page is filled with many glories. But I have to keep my ears open to hear majorly for baseball because that’s what my son chose.

I am from Haryana, where sports or outdoor activity is a way of life. It’s as important as studies.


  • I take it as an opportunity to keep my boys away from gadgets.
  • It’s a powerful tool to make new friends.
  • Helps in good growth and healthy kids.
  • Believe me, its fun to play sports rather than some game on phone.
  • Sports make you a team player.
  • Learn about play fair and improve self-esteem.
  • Perfect stress buster and much more.

About baseball boy from a baseball mom :

So coming back to baseball, when I speak to people back home and tell them that “He” plays baseball. They say baseball, does it have a future or he must be playing just for fun and not serious.

As a matter of fact, we spent most of our weekends, weekdays (before school and after school )and even summer holidays attending and playing baseball matches and practice sessions.At the dinner tables, on the drives, at the beach, during evening walk he only talks about baseball. He’s breathing baseball :). He’s so committed. I really love his enthusiasm. I am just a driver to him for taking him to his practice sessions to school and for his matches to Delhi and US embassy.My favorite part is being a manager of his team on Saturday matches. Yes ! you got it right even I play baseball virtually as a team coach (team manager). So in last one and a half years even I have made my place in the team, big achievement ;).

I love listening to his talks around baseball and he has absolute belief that one day he will be playing baseball at international level.Not state, not national, straight he talks about international level.He says he will be fit forever and until the age of 40 he’s gonna play baseball and after that, he will think about working somewhere.

These baseball conversations are morale boosters for me too. Appreciate that at this point in life where he’s just 10 years, he is so full of dreams and he has a strong belief that these dreams will come true.I have heard from many that by time to time kids interest keep on changing and they keep on moving from one thing to other but right now baseball is his passion and he is living it and I am loving it.

For his baseball matches, he’s ready to sacrifice his tv time, his school picnic outing for weekends, even going for vacations he never wants to travel on Saturday’s. On weekends he’s up in one call. He never complains that he wants to sleep more. One call and he’s out of bed. There were many food items which he never used to eat but in the name of healthy and its nutritious value for a sports player, he started eating them on his own. Without fail he follows a very disciplined schedule of sleeping early and getting up early. So much unasked sacrifices from a 10-year-old kid.

My son getting a Golden Glove Award from his coach at the US Embassy
Little appreciation is needed for motivation 🙂

Being a mom:

I certainly encourage him to follow his dream by keeping a good balance with studies.Give it fully and let see where it takes him.

Yes, that makes me nervous many times as a mother because don’t want to see him heartbroken or struggling for work in far future.I know I am thinking too much but can’t help it I am a mom :). But if he’s following his passion, I am there with him.Who knows where it will lead-may be to the “International Level” or something else along the way.

I’ll keep you posted!

Message :

“If you do something with passion and dedication, I am sure you can achieve anything in life”

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