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No New Year Health Resolutions Anymore It’s Time To Change Your Lifestyle

Change your Lifestyle: Healthy Lifestyle

Exercise is not that everyone loves to do. It’s not attractive to all. The people who are most passionate about exercise, who think that exercise is just like any other thing become the promoters of exercise. I am one of them. I promote exercise, I love inspiring the uninspired, motivating the unmotivated, and moving those who really don’t want to move. And yet doing it from so many years now I have understood one thing that exercise is not the approach to be healthy. It’s the lifestyle that needs to be put an eye on.

However, what we really should be talking about is a healthy lifestyle and finding joy in following that lifestyle.

Let’s become a priority in our life and adopt a healthy lifestyle:

1- Eat at home more often:

Compare your grandparents’ food habits towards your own. And I am 100% sure grandparents had a much stricter routine than you do now. This sort of discipline helped to keep slimmer waistline with good food choices and minimum food waste. We have a vast food choice around us. That depends upon us what we pick. Takeaways, fast-food and ready meals have changed the way that meals are prepared and eaten. For our grandparents, eating out was likely to be a rare treat saved for special occasions. Nowadays, many families eat out on a weekly basis. Eating out, alcohol, desserts keep them for special occasion treats and not a weekly affair.

Let’s spend a few hours cooking our meals and preparing vegetables. Let’s not get trapped by convenient food habits.

ghar ki thali
Ghar ki thali

2- Active all day and rest well:

It can be anything that gets you off the couch and keeps you moving. Just be sure to make it something that is convenient and enjoyable for you, personally. Walking, dancing, cooking, buying grocery, climbing stairs, riding your bike with your kiddo, swimming – it all counts. It just needs to get you moving and bring a smile to your face. However, what we really should be talking about is movement and finding joy in those moments we “get” to move. Track your steps which will encourage you to move enough throughout the day.

Always keep in mind 7-8 hours of sleep is important to live a healthy lifestyle. Rest well! And follow a sleeping pattern.

3- Think outside dinner and drinks:

Entertainment is important aspect these days. People look forward to every weekend as a getaway from a stressful week. Think beyond entertainment of dinner and drink parties. Lookout for more movement involved fun activities which can act as a stress buster in a more healthier way. Let’s think outside the box on some healthy ways to spice up your weekend.

Brunch party over a karaoke.

High tea in a form of early dinner.

Lunch picnic with some outdoor games.

Ideas can just pour in if you rise beyond dinner and drinks!

4- Fun route to burn calories:

When we’re commonly physically active through the span of the day, it burns more calories, however more significantly, it really helps with brain function. So the key is to discover a leisure activity you adore. And I love incorporating active hobbies however more significantly is because you’re going to be more physically active without even noticing.

4 Healthy Reasons To Take Up Cycling And Pedal

And you are more likely to continue to do it and make it a part of your daily or weekly routine.

5-Learn something new:

The healthy lifestyle is the area where we need to put our efforts. And exercise is, of course, the part of it. But if you start feeling monotonous in your exercise regime add some challenge factor to it. Learn something new and bring back that lost interest. When boredom strikes, don’t be afraid to change things up. Try a new fitness class, take up dance class for a few months, maybe a Zumba session or participate in a new sport or outdoor pursuit.

Set a new challenge for yourself every now and then to improve yourself.

Which of these are you already doing well? Which need more work? Share below!

My challenge to you is to find the activity, which could be anything from dancing to skipping to hula hoop with your kids, that brings you this same joy as in exercise. I’m absolutely certain that you will find it and make it as a movement for life.

Why not give the healthy lifestyle a try and see what happens if we follow our grandparent’s diet?

Let’s think about our New Year resolution in a totally new way!!!

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