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One more step to fight pollution | Crockery bank

We talk about or I should say crib about pollution every now and then. But what step we have taken to fight pollution.

One can’t just sit and wait for the authorities to take action. Of course, they will do their part. But my point here is that we should also change our perspective and always look out for the opportunities to save the environment. Even that’s our responsibility also to take efforts to bring about a small change in the society.

I know many of us must be doing conscious efforts towards that one step for saving environment which in turn fight pollution.

Here, I want to highlight one such effort by a fellow friend, Sameera Satija.

“Crockery Bank ” to fight plastic pollution :

Plastic items are a grave ecological peril with various Indian states at long last putting controls on their utilization. But the use of plastic is at many different levels from plastic bags to plastic bottles to plastic glasses and so on. While we could possibly have taken measures to reduce utilizing plastic choices in our regular day to day existence. But still, there are occasions where we use a huge amount of plastic glasses and disposable plates.

So in an offer to lessen the utilization of dispensable plates and glasses, has propelled a ‘crockery bank’ that loans steel utensils to different projects and occasions – all free of cost.

fight pollution
crockery bank

What an idea !!! Salute

We have a lot of occasions like chabeelis, bhandara’s , home parties, kirtan’s etc where we use disposable glasses and plates. Most of us know about the ill effects of eating food in disposables and also the environmental hazard we are facing because of plastic but still, in the end, many times we find this easy solution of using disposables. People do understand but everyone has their own reason for using them. So, now if you have such an option available for using a reusable crockery for free. I think it will bring about a positive change.

Why only in Gurgaon, anyone can take such initiative in any corner of the world and BRING THE CHANGE. This step is the need of an hour.

We need such initiatives to be taken worldwide!!

She cannot reach everyone who wants to be a part of this change, and so I am urging more and more people to replicate this model in their own societies.

You can get in touch with them for using the crockery on their Facebook page: Crockery bank for everyone 

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