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pink saree

Pink dream of a girl in a saree !!!

India’s favorite outfit –

                              The saree

It has become an international trend these days, it has really inspired many designers overseas and really leaves a sparkle whenever worn.

The saree is something which is definitely evolving. Whenever I see a saree I get this feeling, wow 6 mtr fabric I can drape it in so many different ways:).

Saree really gives you a lot of freedom to wear it creatively and accessories it according to the look one wants. We have a huge variety of crafts and textiles and design base for this traditional cum modern attire. Its just one’s personal choice how they want to carry their saree. One can go highly innovative and unpredictable in styling while keeping the comfort factor in mind.

On the other hand, the innovation in design and fabrics help the saree retain its spirit. Nowadays traditional blouse has been replaced by shirts, tank tops, halter necks, jackets, off shoulders…

However whatever way we wear it the traditional way is always dear to the heart and loved.

So my experiment today goes into indo-western style. I was wearing this western skirt top and while selecting it saw a pink saree hanging in my wardrobe and yes that’s when the idea sparked. So picked up my saree and went to my makeup artist cum friend with this idea. And immediately after hearing my thoughts she jumped in by saying yes, let’s do it !! Even she opened up her wardrobe where she came up with more pink saree options. And finally, we selected her saree over mine. Later she gifted that saree to me. Yayy!! I am rich in one more saree :).


pink saree
Skirt top: Dressed up for visiting a friend

In my opinion, it has been updated certainly but it’s mostly how it’s styled that has given it a new voice, a new outlook. My outlook on talkable clothing can go very experimental.

And I am really living it up to the quote :

                              ” You can’t use up CREATIVITY. The more you use, the more you have.”

Let’s have a showtime of my experiment ……

Top as a blouse, skirt as a petticoat and I just love my shoes so didn’t want them to go unnoticed so to flaunt them I have to drape my saree little high ;). And the outcome is really so stylish. Big bindi and accessorize with silver oxidized jewelry. You are ready to rock.

pink saree

pink saree

Once the experiment output starts looking exciting then more creative ideas start popping. So more tryouts with the different jewelry. Neckpiece used as a belt and in fact, the neckpiece itself is also a cool option.

pink saree

You can just go with the minimalistic jewelry and hang a sling on your shoulder. The look itself is so classy that jewelry is not required also.

pink saree

And to break some color theme you can add different color neckpiece as I wore this green beads ethnic neckpiece with a matching bindi and the look is completely changed.

pink saree

Note :

Makeup: Rashmi Gandhi Makeovers

Styling: Self

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Do you like wearing one of a kind, conversation-worthy drapes once in a while? Share your thoughts in the comments! And of course, love to see your experiments with your 6 mtrs.




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