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Reinventing :Out with the old, in a new way

Reinventing is in my blood I guess, whether its reusing old glass jars, revamping your old clothes in a new way or doing some DIY on shoes or clothes.

So here comes my Do It Yourself FASHION story :

On a typical day, when you open up your closet and you realize that you don’t need to go anyplace yet at the same time you would prefer not to wear a similar old stuff in a similar old manner. With me, I get this inclination practically every day. Reinventing is on my mind every day.
When I was working then this was justifiable that I need to go out day by day so must be respectable or require that crisp feeling like a mint with sprucing up. In any case, now being at home mum for most recent 5 years still that need of feeling like a mint every day has not left me.
So now think I better ought to acknowledge the way that I am this way, I am conceived like this, I am a day by day individual to be exploring different avenues regarding my stuff.And believe me, there’s nothing bad in that.
Goodness ! so pleasant to discount this that yes, at last, I recognize what little thing in a day can give commence to my state of mind.Creativity has to come out in any way. Cooking, clothing, cleaning …anything you can do brainstorming. I am no designer, I am just “main apni favourite hoon”  type girl.
I am so possessive about my belonging “My Closet”. Furthermore, playing with it I am doing from ages, my admission. I truly don’t give up on my stuff easily. Every single piece is so near my heart that I discover approaches to rehash them. And why not, cheap fashion is making way to environmental hazards. This way or that way we should contribute to “Save Carbon Printing”.

Few options are tried with the skirt are:

This is an extremely old skirt yet I adore the shading blend and in sticky climate it let the breeze stream. Confronting my closet haul out various alternatives to wear with my skirt. At that point, I chose let’s endeavor to give it a bend and I haul out a couple of choices. Three different occasions are taken care by reinventing the never out of trend skirt.


old skirt
Old skirt ready to be reinvented
Style 1-

Pull your skirt up to the chest and wear it as an off-shoulder dress. Top it up with an open shirt. Put your best smile and you are ready to meet friends over coffee.

Style 2- Pick a single color tight top and wear it over with the pulled up skirt. Wow, it was so easy to do it.

Style 3- Shrugs can bring different look altogether. Wear a tied up shrug. Even you can keep the shrug open and put a belt around the waist.


This is just the beginning of reinventing and showing. I really liked this idea and I started motivating people around me to do the revamping of wardrobe. I started sharing my ideas on my Facebook page and named this as “puranapitara on Tuesday’s”. Now I put my ideas in a video and share with people around me to encourage them to do the same.

Over to you :

Old attires regularly just sit in your wardrobes, consuming up the room you could be utilizing for clothes you really wear. So from now onwards let’s make a deal to dress up your old clothes with cool alterations or transformations. There are plenty of mind-blowing ways to repurpose old clothes. Let’s do that together. I will share my ideas with you and you share your ideas with me.

Let your daily wear be interesting.



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