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Simple Life Lessons for kids

Summer holidays around the bend. Best time to introduce our kids to few more life lessons. Actually, I should say basics of life.

Very nearly 2 months break and here in North India it’s gonna be really hot… But it’s ok even we had summer break when we were kids and we were never scared of heat ;).

Parents have already started looking out for appropriate summer camps or extra curriculum activities for their children.

Craftsmanship, theatre, Football, basketball, robotics, dance, cooking, painting…poured with choices…

I have been listening to a lot from mothers around me and I was thinking that these are the days for them to learn very simple ideas how life moves. Let’s make them little more independent so that when school reopens class teacher can see that change.

So thinking of few old-school life lessons which I am gonna focus on during these summer holidays:


1. At home, my kids are practicing to pick their plates after food and put them for washing for a long time now.

Further to this, I want to introduce to them that they should offer to pick plates of 
their elders on their own without to be asked for it.

2. I have started really early with my boys to make them eat healthy fruits and vegetables.

These summer holidays, I will be working up to introduce some more vegetables plus 
whatever is cooked as a meal for a family they have to eat that rather than to 
be choosy and picky about the vegetables and pulses.

3. Both my kids from last winter break learned to fold their own sweaters and pants.

Now the next level is each morning figures out how to overlap their bedsheets and 
organize the cushion and bed.

 4. Kids, they spend a lot of time in playing sports with friends in the garden. They have many activities like tennis class, soccer etc are planned for them.

But I really want to introduce the concept of going for the night walks. As in metro 
cities, kids have to travel distances, so their time management sometimes doesn't 
allow for this culture of night walk. But on holidays they can their schedule for 
30 mins and they can gather their friends or with family go for night walk after 
dinner.While walking they could learn to greet elders and acquaint themselves 
with neighbors.

5. They have cousins who really look forward to them.

I am just gonna make sure that they carry the minimum arrangement of toys when 
they meet them. Let them be together, share ideas, talk about future, develop 
their own kind of games, read together, discuss whatever comes to their mind 
rather than we guiding them to choose one or another thing.This time they have 
to figure out how to share and how to think.

6. As a homestay mom, my kids have never stayed away from me for the night time.During the day I have dropped them to stay with grandparents and very close relatives uncles and aunts.

But now they are growing.They can pretty take care of themselves at least in the basic 
stuff of eating on their own, taking shower and asking what they need. So its time for
them to explore little more. So let them stay with grandparents for few days and 
parents too can plan a short break for themselves.

7. Our kids they do a lot of art and craft things.We buy a lot of stationary for them for doing such craft stuff.

This summer break lets not buy any stationery for them. Let them get their hands on the
empty shoe boxes. Let them praise the little items made out of waste and let them see 
the beauty without the colors. Plain simple things out of waste materials. Used empty 
shoe boxes, old new papers, cardboards, old cd's, used old buttons, ice cream sticks 
and I think the list can just go on... Let them do brainstorming,they have lot of time.
You never trust the imagination of the children when you abandon them to do on their own.

8. This one is very important. Because many times we have to give them medication to control health issues as school gets affected.

Get them wiped out, let them recuperated with no medication. Wouldn't we be able to 
hold up parents? At least now we can give their immunity a chance to work. They have 
time let their self-defense system work. At least normal issues like seasonal flu or 
stomach upset or viral fever or throat pain these issues can be healed on their own 
with "ghar ke nuskhe" and their body can be free of medication.

9. Give them a chance to wake up without alert, let them go bed after a tiring play.

Kids these days get tired of traveling to and fro from school to home or attending 
many other extra classes Let them get tired of just playing and playing. Remember 
our old days of playing all sorts of chit games,pitthu games, ice and water etc. 
Summer holidays used to be fun.Let our kids also have no class just play and tired 
of playing go to bed.Awakening them again early in the day, getting them dressed 
for a few classes, influencing them to sit and do exercises once more, 

10. Till now I have only given them a responsibility of their school bag, their tiffin, their study table and few more I guess.

It's time to increase their responsibilities in holidays as they have little more 
extra time on hand. The responsibility of doing something on daily basis.It may 
be just going and picking a newspaper from the door daily without me asking for it. 
If milk parlor is nearby daily buying milk and managing the money count.

There is life past maths, dialect, science, craftsmanship, robotics, handwriting, Olympiads and so forth…

Summer holidays are not just for kids, it’s for parents also who can set aside an opportunity to energize themselves for the following scholarly year, deal with their wellbeing and psyche.

Are there any other simple life lessons for kids which you can add?  How do you suggest introducing them?

Please mention in the comment below and let’s make our kid’s life simple.


8 thoughts to “Simple Life Lessons for kids”

    1. That’s the motive to be easily applied at home things … No spending money, save carbon printing and the best way to make our growing kids independent.

  1. Very well explained some amazing ideas to prepare our kids for survival in future which our education system lacks. I give responsibility of distributing cold water bottles to guards n anyone she sees around on her way to park or any class,also make nimbu pani by herself on the morning and offer to courier boys n anyone who comes to our door. Just a way to develop sensitivity and kindness.

    1. Wow, that’s great. Its so much needed for today’s kids.Life is not gonna easy for them. So it’s our job to prepare them to take care of themselves. Even after reading your comment one more point I can add to responsibility is ” At the end of the day fill up all the empty fridge bottles”. #mommyhelp 😉

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