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Style guide for summer from stylish mom wardrobe

We asked our Diva moms about their secret to summer style. Moms out there opened their stylish mom wardrobe and came out with their summer trends. Most moms usually become a little more conservative, conventional, simple and just overall feel more comfy in whatever they wear. Over the years we moms have bolted on to rising fashion patterns and made our own comfort fashion trends.

Making sense of what’s in style each season can be tedious. I believe in what you wear and feel comfortable is a trend of the season.We’re here to make it simple for you to feel sure about what you wear and how you wear as its coming straight from “stylish mom wardrobe” for other moms out there.

Divas!!! your choice, your style, your comfort…That’s the trend.

Outfit#1 (casual/anytime):

Cold shoulder tee + stretchable jeans + canvas shoe

Jeans can help you in reinventing your wardrobe. It’s never out of fashion. Outdoors, traveling with kids jeans is one thing which you can always trust on. You can add variations to it with different tops and shoes.

➡ on the go look for moms with a trendy cold shoulder top


Outfit#2 (casual/anytime) :

Shorts (denim shorts or pattern shorts or cotton shorts) + loose t-shirts or tops + canvas shoes or sneakers or huarache sandals

Denim shorts and loose cotton tops or t-shirts are all time favorite for moms in summers.
You can’t go wrong with denim shorts paired with tanks, t-shirts, polo shirts, button-downs, halter tops, even tunics go well with them. Think cotton and linen, which are breathable and easy to wear.

➡ you can add more elements to this casual look by wearing statement earrings and top with stylish sleeves.




Outfit#3 (casual/evening party/anytime):

Cotton sundress with cool prints + matching comfy flats or flip flops + minimal makeup + light accessories

Summer dresses, either long or short, work beautifully for Indian summers. Pair them with your favorite pair of sunglasses or a trendy hat for the perfect ready-for -the-sun look! 👍

You may find many unique prints and abstract designs in such dresses. They really look cute and trendy.

➡ your idea of cute dress can be a plain one color dress or a floral print, so wear your opinion.




Outfit#4 (casual/anytime):

Off shoulder flowy dress + Thong sandals + minimal accessories +minimal accessories  (watch & shades)

Comfortable but stylish is how I look at it…Totally wear it on a summer outing with your kids or to a coffee time with your girlfriends.

what makes any outfit best for you: it’s your smile, wear it always.


Outfit#5 (Formal/Festivals/Family Functions):

Saree + Halter blouse + Pearl accessories + Eye makeup with matching lipstick + Wedge heels

A beautiful lightweight, baby pink net saree for a formal daytime event in summer. Combined with a halter blouse, dewy sunblock, and pearl/silver accessories. The saree is draped in the Coorgi style which gives an almost mermaid look while leaving your hands free to hold two different drinks! 😉

 If you want to drape sarees in the upcoming humid weather, just remember to avoid heavy silks and synthetic fibers. Go for chiffon, linen, and cotton for the ideal “hot” look! 😎


And that's all five beat-the-heat outfits for different occasions!! So, which of these was your favorite? 

Open your stylish mom wardrobe and share your summer style with us.

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