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style tips in hurry

Style tips to try when in a hurry

All of us juggling between work, family and social life, it can be relatively difficult to discover an opportunity to look captivating all the time and on all occasions. I think all the ladies out there just need few style tips and sharp traps to look and feel beautiful.

Especially for moms out there who love to get up and dress up but so many commitments before dressing up for any occasion.

Let’s make the best out of the circumstance, here are some quick and simple style tips you can try:

  • When you are in a hurry, messy hair is a given. But you can fix the hair by trying a low messy ponytail with a couple of free strands to frame your face. Whenever early morning function to attend in kids school this is my mantra to be picture ready.

style tip messy hair

  • On the off chance that you are late for a favor occasion, you can get by with simple kajal and a thick eyeliner,filled-in brows, some mascara and a suitable lip gloss. Visiting your friends and family on a short notice but you are all glam up with simple eye touch-ups.

style tip kajal

  • On other days, a dark berry lip is all you need to look and feel great. You are party ready with just your lipstick :).

style tip dark berry lips

  • If all else fails, you can always count on a sky-high bun to carry you through a day for different occasions. But we should keep in mind not to keep it for long. These tight hairstyles can damage hair . Like you can sweat in style with a sky-high bun in a gym. Wear it casually with your denim and rock and roll with your girls over the coffee. Perfect summer style.

style tip sky high bun style tip sky high bun


  • The next time you are in a hurry, know that you can’t go wrong with the red lips and a touch of black liner.

style tip red lips

  • When in doubt window about your makeup and time is the biggest crunch picking a lipstick the color of your outfit is a perfect choice. Pink on pink, red on red ….orange on orange (my personal favorite) wide range to choose from and you will look astonishing believe me !!!

orange lipstick

  • Probably one of the most efficient and good-looking hairstyles for when you need to get ready and out of the house quick is a sleek middle part ponytail. Ta da!! Ethnic wear, western wear, casuals, any occasion its always easy and it goes with all the looks.

middle part ponytail

  • If you can manage to go late for few minutes then trying a thick defined cat eye is a must. That also makes a great excuse for landing up late. But if it’s done neatly it’s a trend in itself.

cat eye

Some sharp traps to utilize along with style tips :

  • If you know that your dress in the morning is a time-consuming thing like you are gonna wear a saree, then you can wash your hair the night before. This will give you much more time in the morning which you can spend on styling your saree.
  • Simplify your morning rush by picking out the next day’s outfit before bed well in advance. Think about the look and you will wake up relaxed in the morning.
  • Keep your everyday beauty products close at hand and your facial wipes handy always.
  • If stepping for a party or some family function instead of applying moisturizer, primer and then foundation – combine all three by using a BB cream.

So here we go. Just a few style tips to help you get ready in a rush, and still look and feel great. Granted, there is a small element of planning involved but still, it makes life easier and prettier. Little effort – but the results are pleasantly surprising.

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Have any style tip and beauty hacks of your own? Leave them in the space below.

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