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The Best Dance Forms To Be Fit And Feel Good


What’s the biggest reason most of us poor mortals stop working out after a few days? For me, once I actually get started on an exercise routine, it’s always been the boring predictability of gym workouts. After a few days, the repetitiveness takes out the fun from exercising and it ceases way before any effects take root, putting me firmly back on square one!

To counter the crippling dystopia of the usual fitness regimes, we need something infinitely more fun, exciting and effective. There can only be one answer…DANCING!

Not only is dancing a potent method of getting some much-needed exercise, it also goes a long way to make you feel good about yourself. We at Divas Dias believe in body positivity and maintaining a healthy mental outlook. Tapping those toes is the perfect way to hit both targets at once.

So let’s take a look at some of the best dance forms that you can take up today and embark on the fun road to fitness.


One of the most popular dance programs adopted as a workout, it was created by a Columbian dancer, Albeto Perez during the 1990s. It uses highly energetic music and is a combination of various Latin dance forms such as Salsa, Samba, Merengue and Hip Hop.

Suitable for: All age groups; all body types

Advantages:  Zumba is a full body workout that can range from light to intensive sessions. It is an aerobic cardio exercise with the added benefit of being a mood booster. Helps to free the body effectively removing stiffness and improving muscle coordination. It’s a great workout to burn fat and achieve full body toning.

Lookout Points: The intensity of Zumba workouts must be upped as regularly as possible to avoid stagnation and achieve maximum benefits.


A highly technical, expressive dance form that originated in Egypt, belly dancing is a personal favorite. Also called Arabic dancing, it is currently catching on as a popular trend among young urbanites.

Suitable for: women of all age groups

Advantages: It’s a most effective toning exercise that concentrates on movements of the torso, back, and arms. Helps in improving flexibility and developing both core and leg strength. When done correctly, it ends up being a calorie-blasting workout that can lead you to drop up to 2 kg a month combined with a junk free diet.

Lookout Points: Belly dancing comprises of a range of complicated movements that take a while to master. To avoid the risk of injury, beginners must make sure to learn the movements from a qualified instructor.


Originated in the Majha area of our very own Punjab, this is hands down the most fun-filled dance form out there. It’s next to impossible to stay still once your favorite Bhangra jam comes up and even harder to not benefit hugely from this wonderfully feel-good exercise!

Suitable for: all age groups; not for people with back /knee issues

Advantages: A high-intensity cardio workout, it is a fast and furious way to burn those excess calories. Bhangra engages your leg and arm muscles while working on your balance and coordination. Weight loss results are quick and sustained with regular Bhangra workouts.

Lookout Points: The repeated high impact on legs can cause injury if the movements are not controlled. Hence, dance on suitable, pressure absorbent surfaces to minimize risk.


These two small, but very well recognized words, signify not just a dance form, but an entire culture. Hip Hop refers to street dance styles, that have evolved steadily since the 1970s, usually performed to Hip Hop music. A wide range of dances make up the Hip Hop styles, such as Roboting, Locking, Popping, Electric Boogaloo, Bustin’ and Bopping.

Suitable for: ideal for people below 35; all body types

Advantages: A fun alternative to walking, running or jogging and even strength training. It is a high-intensity cardio workout providing both aerobic and anaerobic advantages. Helps in boosting metabolism leading to more calories burned in less time. Highly effective in strengthening the heart and lung muscles.

Lookout points: Hip Hop dance movements can be jerky and forceful which may lead to excess pressure on the shoulders, spine, and knees. So it’s important to keep the moves controlled and deliberate. Also, the right gear is all important in Hip Hop…that means comfortable shoes and breathable clothes!


So that’s all folks, our list of the best dance forms to shed those excess kilos, feel more energetic, lift your mood, and create your own positive body image. Just remember to eat healthily, stay hydrated, dress comfortably and replenish lost nutrients post workout.

Please share with us your experiences with these dance forms and add to this list with your own favorite dance workout routines. Dance it up and away! 🙂


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