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healthy diwali

This Diwali : Health,Fashion And Me

Diwali is the festival of light, sweets, and relationships.

Even in our older times, in our growing up days the festival is always an indicator of the return of hope, the conquest of light over darkness, good over evil and knowledge over ignorance.

But a tradition which started with illuminating houses with earthen diyas and spreading joy by meeting people and enhancing relationships has today culminated into a celebration marked with Diwali parties, deafening crackers and incandescent bulbs, leading to frightening levels of air and sound pollution.

It’s about time we adopt some old ways, some new healthy ways of celebrating the festival of lights to keep our planet safe and add sparkle to the lives of people around us.

So this year I planned my Diwali in a “Health, Fashion and Me” way.

Daring to be different by moving to Eco-friendly alternatives. And the good news is that children are already being sensitized towards a cracker-free Diwali in schools and many of them are happy in favor of the idea.

Healthy and Green Diwali :

Started early morning on a healthy note by riding to the nearest lake. Fresh air, rising sun and festival spirit by doing small puja by lighting earthen diyas under the banyan tree. Awesome feeling!!!

healthy diwali

Letting kids involved in some decoration by making rangoli and painting the diyas. Some basic creativity and involvement in decorating the house by helping elders in putting lights and all.

healthy diwali

healthy diwali

After all, this is the festival of light you can still sit back and watch the sky. You will definitely see some nice fireworks happening in your area. You can still enjoy the view without bursting a single cracker. If no crackers in the sky just watch the beautiful sky with your kids and share your old time stories.

On a note of Diwali, even my kids bought two cracker guns and few rolls to use in the gun. I didn’t say complete no to them because I didn’t want to enforce on them. They should learn as they grow responsible which they are already as they said no to all big crackers except few cracker gun rolls.

Purana Pitara Fashion Diwali :

Secondly this time I decided to use my old wardrobe and mix and match with that and not spend much on ethnic wear and save carbon footprint. Maybe next Diwali I will be shopping for ethnic wear and no to western wear ;).

And trust me outcomes of mix and match were satisfying to my expectations. Great feeling of using my all the age-old sarees, lehengas and dupattas.

  • Try draping the sarees with crop tops.
  • Use your heavy dupattas on your simple plain suits.
  • Wear your ethnic skirts with saree blouse and drape a dupatta in a way to give it a lehenga saree look.

healthy diwali

And for next Diwali, washed and dry the used earthen diyas. Going to use them as it is or you can give them to your kids for art and craft activity like decorating the diyas and then use them for next year Diwali.

healthy diwali

Mom in Me kinda Diwali :

Homemade sweets:). Sounds tempting but at the festival time, it’s very taxing also with friends and family members coming and visiting you for Diwali wishes. But its worth the efforts I guess. You know your ingredients so you will be eating consciously.

“Homemade cooking is always better and healthier than shop version”.

So please let your neighbors smell the festival feel with all the dishes and special sweets being cooked  at home. Let’s motivate people around us with good fragrance coming from our kitchen.

Call up your mom and learn a new recipe from her. Let that food culture to pass from generation to generation. Every year I am getting better in making sweets and other desi items.

“Mom in me is also growing 🙂 into a desi mom”

healthy diwali

Share your ideas of celebrating your kind of “Desi Diwali”.

It’s high time we must realize that climate change is real, we must give our best to counter it and its effects.

Let’s celebrate a happy, prosperous, safe, healthy and green Diwali.

Reuse, Reduce and Recycle.

Let’s bring the change by Be the change“!!

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