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skin care in winter

Tips to do skin care in winter during the harsh winter months…..

Rough tough cold weather is here. Are we ready to handle the tough cold weather?

Few tips to remind again how to do skin care in winter at home 🙂

Avoid long showers:

Long hot showers sound so tempting on cold winter mornings but it can harm your skin and leave it very dry if you overdo it. Keep the water temperature normal to lukewarm and try to have a bucket bath instead of a shower.

Moisturize :

Soft and supple skin demands good hydration from within the body and also outside.Moisturize your skin well after the shower. Regular moisturizing is essential to keep skin winter ready.

Pedicare and pedicure:

Since your feet and hands are most exposed to cold, they dry up easily. So I personally prefer to use a lot of coconut oil on my feet ( you can use any good moisturizer) and immediately put on your socks to restore that moisture and if you comfortable wearing shoes at home please do that.It will keep you active and keep your feet soft. Remove your socks only when you go to bed and you will see that salon types smoothness on your feet. You can pamper them with a good pedicure also.

Glove up :

We cover and load ourselves with sweaters and jackets. Do a lot of foot care by applying moisturizer, put socks and shoe on.But what about hands, I know we have to work a lot with them but they also need some care and pampering during these winters. Glove up because it helps in trapping the moisture in the skin. During your tea break, a newspaper read break or tv break, apply a lot of hand moisturizer or coconut oil and slip on some gloves and enjoy your tea or coffee or tv or newspaper. And when you will take out your hands from glove to work you will love your moisturize parched hands. I do the same for my kids also:).

Take water breaks :

We really don’t feel much thirsty in winters. So we should plan fixed water breaks so that we are not neglecting water intake. Consuming lot of water is the only way to keep your skin active and hydrated. This is the season we get a lot of kinnow’s so make it a habit to have a glass of kinnow juice daily in your diet, it will help in maintaining your liquid intake.

Diet :

Have an Omega-3 fatty acid rich diet to keep your body well hydrated from within. It will help in the supple skin through the dry and cold winters. Opt for a lot of greens, avocado, cucumber, dry fruits (almonds, walnuts, dates), flax seeds, eggs, fish and many other food items rich in Omega-3 fatty acids.

Lip care :

Skin care in winter is not complete without a good lip balm for your lips. Apply a nice thick layer of nourishing lip balm after your shower to prevent chapped lips. Additionally, whenever getting a chance of eating those hot roti with ghee, take a bite of hot roti dip it in ghee and dab it on your lips two-three times. It will help in keeping your lips well moisturized and it will help in curing chapped lips.

Hot cup :

A hot cup that’s a favorite part :). Keep yourself warm by drinking hot drinks like ginger tea, homemade soup, hot chocolate, green tea .. etc. A hot cup will keep you on the move so that you can take care of your skin as well as your kids’ skin too. It helps in kicking that laziness out and activeness rolling and keeping you warm.

skin care in winter

Enjoy winters by taking good care of yourself and the family.

Looking forward to getting few ideas from your list of skin care in winter :).


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