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me and mom

Me and mom : “Truly realized how much my mother loved me once I became a mom…”

Me and mom, we are so similar …I know this fact now !!!!

I was a very rebellious kid when it used to come from my mom and when things are coming from my dad, I just used to follow, no questions asked. Even if I wanted to ask a question that was also from mom ;). So me and mom from a young age we have seen our relationship going through love, hate and then love again time. With me growing from kid to a college-going girl to getting married and then to have babies. Emotions evolved at every stage and of course “me and mom” bond too.

As I am growing, I spent my time as scheduled around the family. Rushing with kids, working out, in the kitchen, with friends, blogging, managing house chores or just reading, whatever I am doing those 10 mins in a day when I speak to my mom are so refreshing that you are just back on the track.You know you have someone who loves you unconditionally the way you love your kids.

Ever since I was a kid I’ve always looked up to her and for that matter, I think every kid look up to their moms. I have never seen her ceasing for anything. Strongest person I know, most grounded individual, full of affection and motivation always. Her presence is a booster dose of energy for me.

Being a mom is a thankless job we keep hearing this always but this is the circle of life.Kids are selfish.Even I was selfish when I was a kid. I had no clue what it intended to be a mother until the point I move towards becoming a mother myself. It’s hack of responsibility.Thankless and selfless with full of joy, bliss, adoration and overwhelming love that it makes all the difficult circumstances so justified, despite all the trouble.

Behind that wonderful childhood, that great youth and that beautiful life we have now there was an incredibly strong mom which I realize now after becoming a mom.So much she was doing which I never observed and acknowledged back then.Even now also in words, I can’t or even I should say I am not able to but I tried to show it with my actions now.  Shes not this tech-savvy or social media activity.She will never read it that I have written something keeping her in mind but still I want to pour it as a gratitude, love, and respect for her. It took me all these years and becoming a mom to realize how awesomely strong my mom was back then and still today.

As a mother, we get anxiety so often because we have a mom brain and mom’s heart.We dread and stress over the well-being of our little ones constantly.. And now I accept that the worry, anxiety, love I feel for my kids will never go away. Also, something else which turned out to be clear to me is that now I comprehend my own mother so much better than I ever did before.Because it still matters to her that I’m happy, healthy and my life is going well and if she can do anything to further that, she would do it without any hesitation with a big broad smile because she’s my mom.

And out of the blue heaps of things she says, plenty of exhortation’s she gave, her list of strict rules and her guidance about security, safety, studies everything simply sounds good to me with a lot of perfect sense…. Because now I am a mom too.

My LOVE for my own mother began to extend in many ways. I consider myself lucky that I am able to realize what all she has done for us and what all she’s doing now.I cherish those chai talks we do about our childhood and about my kids’ childhood now.

Your baby will always be your baby.I am a mom, however, I still need my mom.My mom still mothers me just like I do it for my kids.Seriously just like the similar way… packs snacks for me when I travel from her place,celebrates my success,my happiness,my moments and corrects me if I am wrong,calls me to advice when my kids are fallen sick, calls me to inform about that cold winters are around the corner start precautions and the list is as similar as I do it for my children.

I have so much to share about the beautiful bond me and my mother have.But this is just a reminder of “I only truly realized how much my mother loved me once I became a mom…

I am sure even fathers unsaid part is lovely too. But me writing on behalf of a father and how they feel that again a big responsibility. Don’t know whether I can do justice to that chapter. Time will show me the path for that. Till then…

I love you, mom and dad.

Over to you :

Love to hear your feelings on “me and mom”

2 thoughts to “Me and mom : “Truly realized how much my mother loved me once I became a mom…””

  1. Beautiful way of expressing love for mom. Awesome article. Even I truly realised how much my mother loved me once I became a mom.

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