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Two must add-ons for summer healthy diet

Summers can make you fall sick easily with a lot of bad bacteria’s around. This season brings a lot of stomach related infections. So these two are daily add-ons for fresh and flavorful summer eats that will keep you cool and your body nourished.

Below two are summer add-ons for a healthy diet.

1-Bhuna hua jeera (Roasted cumin seeds) :

In summers without curd food sounds less interesting. In this hot weather eating curd in afternoon is a must.

Curd has a lot of good bacteria, calcium, minerals, and vitamins. In curd, if you add bhuna hua jeera it’s really good for your digestion. It really helps in good metabolism.

So as the summer comes, curd comes in the picture and with that comes my healthy diet add-on “roasted cumin“. It’s really good for growing kids too.

Another way to use my healthy diet add-on is put a small teaspoon of bhuna hua jeera while making buttermilk.

It’s a great drink to cool off when the heat is unbearable! If you tend to suffer from acid reflux after a meal, start including chaaz (buttermilk) in your diet. Adding just 1 glass of chaaz and a bowl of curd to your daily diet can boost your calcium intake.

  • Just take a bowl of curd + one teaspoon of roasted cumin seeds + few leaves of mint + few leaves of coriander + pinch of salt (optional) + one bowl of water
  • Put them all in a blender and one churn and your buttermilk is ready.

I make it and pour it into glass bottles and keep them handy when kids come back from school on a hot day that’s the welcome drink for them to cool down.

healthy diet

2- Green chutney :

Every day in summers this is one thing which is a must add-on for me and my kids.

  • During the summer, many people suffer from diarrhea, abdominal disorders, and indigestion. Raw mangoes are highly effective in alleviating these conditions. So a daily dose of green chutney is must have for my kids.
  • Green mangoes and onion help in to overcome heat stroke also.
  • Coriander chutney recipe is full of minerals and vitamins, especially, it is rich in micro-nutrients. Coriander chutney has an adequate amount of vitamin A, B, C & E along with minerals like calcium, phosphorous, iron and magnesium.
  • Coriander recipe is one of the best appetizers as it aids in digestive juice secretion.

Mint leaves + coriander leaves + one onion + one small green mango (peeled, cut and seed removed) + green chili (as per taste) + salt (as per taste)

Put in a blender together till fine paste. You can churn it once or twice if you like little coarse chutney.

Use this on sandwiches, into roti roll for kids, with salad or eat as a side add-on with your meals throughout your summer.

healthy diet

What is your summer healthy diet add-on?

Share with us.We love to hear and implement.



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