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vitamin D

Vitamin D is important for kids growth…”Daily and simple things to get it naturally”.

Sunshine Vitamin (vitamin D)

This is just a motivation post for our body to function optimally with the help of vitamin D, a nutrient which is an essential ingredient for our health because we work and live indoors, use sun blocks and can’t get enough from our diet. So, just want fellow mothers to feel to be little motivated by this sun-filled ride for kids to get that sunshine vitamin with unlimited fun:).

In our village bullock cart ride :)…..

vitamin D

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For us we get a lot of sunlight in our country still it’s unusual to discover such a large number of individuals with vitamin D deficiency and now many kids have this vitamin D deficiency too.

And we can’t blame kids for this, we as elders have to educate them and set an example for them for a healthy lifestyle.

Vitamin D(the sunshine vitamin) is an essential nutrient that keeps the bones and teeth healthy. For growing kids its important that they should have healthy and strong bones.

Sunlight is the best source of vitamin D.

Early morning and late afternoon sun provide maximum benefit with minimal skin damage.


1- Take walks or run in the morning sun.

2- Play with your kids in the park in the morning sun.

3- Go for outdoor picnics with them in late afternoons.

4- Educate them about the importance of vitamin D and its natural source “Sun”.

5- Early morning and late afternoons, sunscreen is barely necessary.

6- Afternoons are best avoided. Covering up, wearing a hat or using an umbrella is a better alternative than putting chemicals on the body.

7- Get your kids and yourself unglued from the screen and explore outdoors.

Other sources of vitamin D through diet (which I always keep in my kids’ diet) :

1- Mushrooms exposed to sunlight are the best natural source of Vitamin D. Eat lot of mushrooms.

2-Vitamin D is concentrated in the egg yolk.

3- All kind of fish are high in vitamin D.

4- Cheese is another good option for our kids.Taste plus vitamin D :).

5- Consume more of high protein and calcium foods.

6-Eat lot of homemade white butter, broccoli, papaya, kiwi, walnut, peanut.

7-And add whole wheat grains like ragi (my kids’ fav) and soya bean flour in your daily diet.


With these little additions in a day to day life, two benefits are happening

First, we whole family is having naturally vitamin D and secondly, we are on healthy track with healthy food with healthy family bonding time under the sun.


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