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Wacky Wellness Tips for Working Women


A big shout out to all the wonderful working women out there! Today’s agenda is to discuss some wacky wellness tips for you.

In India and all over the world, women have had successful and fulfilling careers over the past many decades. Irrespective of the chosen field, no arena of excellence has eluded women. Plenty has changed over those years except one thing…the health challenges that come with having a stressful career.

Before getting hitched to an Army man three years ago, I spent four years at a desk job in a big multinational company. My peace of mind wasn’t the only thing that took a hit during that time; it was also my health and wellness!

Being sedentary and compromising on physical health is one of the worst habits that working people, both men, and women, can develop. Unfortunately, long hours are commonplace and workout goals take a backseat. Ailments like slipped discs, obesity, and weaker hearts have become frighteningly familiar with the working young.

All of you must have read umpteen listicles on how to welcome wellness and remain fit at your desk. They all include the following three humdrum points:

  1. Get up every 20 minutes (practical. But let’s face it…who actually keeps their eye on the clock or for that matter, can actually afford to leave their desk when deadlines loom menacingly close?)
  2. Neck/leg stretches at the desk (now come on…this just looks ridiculous. If I were ever to attempt stretches at my desk it would be with eyes darting about and some extra tension in my shoulders)
  3. Eat and Drink Healthy (now this one is simple, obvious and doable. Workplace salads are all the rage currently. But the fried canteen snacks are still there, calling out to you. And no lies…you go running, don’t you?)

None of the above actually worked for me during my time in an office. Reasons explained in the parentheses. So I had to improvise. Had to come up with activities that didn’t include the in-house gym!

So today we will discuss my unusual ways to break that evil unhealthy spell. Let’s get back on the road to wellness and living a happy, healthy and harmonious life (or as close to that as possible in the age of online food delivery)!

Stairs everywhere

This health maintenance method is a personal favorite. The one thing that’s common in all big city, high-rise offices is banks of busy elevators. Right next to the elevators, behind a marked, closed door, are STAIRS. Take them…every time! Not only will you burn calories but also save yourself from cramped, awkward elevator rides. 🙂

You will be tempted to talk yourself out of it by citing time, running late, wrong shoes, what have you. You can and should fight all that, by arriving a few minutes early and donning somewhat comfortable shoes.

I consistently took the eight…yes, eight…flights of stairs to my floor for a straight year and it worked wonders for my fitness!

No money, No Chow

I carried a home-cooked tiffin to my office every day. But did that stop me from hungrily buying guilt laced samosas and tea that I did not need? Of course not!

There was just one sure way to curb this utterly shameful lack of willpower….keeping my wallet far away in inconvenient locations…such as the boot of my ride! Since there was no way I would go all the way to the parking to retrieve some cash, all that unhealthy binging dropped drastically and I was reduced to depending only on the contents of my tiffin box.

P.S. Please do not cheat by borrowing money from your friends in sheep’s clothing! 😉

Going Green

For a long time, we all have heard it yelled from rooftops that staying hydrated has no substitute and is a one-stop health mantra. It’s encouraging to see the current generation taking this to heart and making sure to guzzle their share of water.

But is it enough in a situation where being sedentary has taken a shot at your metabolism, appetite and energy levels? My solution…fill up your water bottle with green tea that you can brew yourself in the office pantry. Almost every self-respecting office will have a pantry housed with a coffee machine and a variety of tea bags!

So make a bottle full of green tea. Sip it in small doses all day. It works wonders on all the issues mentioned earlier. Furthermore, rather than lusting after a cappuccino, go for a cup of black coffee…another magic drink to help keep those kilos in check!

Walk the Talk

Even though it’s generally frowned upon, we all get personal phone calls during a workday. Whenever my husband, then boyfriend, called me during work hours, I just moved from the desk chair to the lounge sofa and yapped away. All the while adding to the number of hours I have spent on my backside!

The alternative, which I found my way to quick enough, was to take these calls on the move. I started walking up and down the corridor during the length of the call. So let that phone ring…it will help you stay fitter than ever! 🙂


So there you are folks, some tried and tested wellness tips to stay fit and young while at work! Hope they work for you as they did for me. All you need is persistence.

If you have any wacky wellness tips of your own, please share them with us. 🙂

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